Name Description Size
cross-origin-helper-frame.html Performs IndexedDB tasks in response to postMessage 1043
file_to_save.txt 26
idb-partitioned-basic-iframe.tentative.html 2042
idb-partitioned-coverage-iframe.tentative.html 20901
idb-partitioned-persistence-iframe.tentative.html 1930
idbfactory-origin-isolation-iframe.html This iframe keeps a transaction on a database alive indefinitely to test 1467
idbworker.js 980
interleaved-cursors-common.js 7177
nested-cloning-common.js 7855
reading-autoincrement-common.js 3117
support-promises.js 14317
support.js Delete created databases Go through each finished test, see if it has an associated database. Close that and delete the database. 6991