Name Description Size
.eslintrc.js 840 installation script for talos. This script: - creates a virtualenv in the current directory - sets up talos in development mode: `python develop` - downloads pageloader and packages to talos/page_load_test/pageloader.xpi 2308
jetstream-benchmark.manifest 274 We want to do couple of things before running Talos 1. Clone mozharness 2. Make config for Talos Mozharness 3. Run mozharness 4752 26 1793
README Talos is a python performance testing framework that is usable on Windows, 678
requirements.txt 291 # -*- Entry points: -*- [console_scripts] talos = talos.run_tests:main talos-results = talos.results:main 1843
source_requirements.txt 422
talos.json 3391 This script downloads a talos.json file which indicates which files to download for a talos job. See a talos.json file for a better understand: 4599
tp5n-pageset.manifest 282
webextensions.manifest 269