Name Description Size
AppTestDelegate.jsm Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 1381
AppTestDelegateChild.jsm 621
AppTestDelegateParent.jsm 2692
MockColorPicker.jsm 3821
MockFilePicker.jsm globals __URI__ 9374
MockPermissionPrompt.jsm 2493
SpecialPowersChild.jsm This code is loaded in every child process that is started by mochitest. 66298
SpecialPowersEventUtils.jsm Loads a stub copy of EventUtils.js which can be used by things like content tasks without holding any direct references to windows. 1161
SpecialPowersParent.jsm 41766
SpecialPowersSandbox.jsm This modules handles creating and provisioning Sandboxes for executing cross-process code from SpecialPowers. This allows all such sandboxes to have a similar environment, and in particular allows them to run test assertions in the target process and propagate results back to the caller. 3484
WrapPrivileged.jsm This module handles wrapping privileged objects so that they can be exposed to unprivileged contexts. It is only to be used in automated tests. Its exact semantics are also liable to change at any time, so any callers relying on undocumented behavior or subtle platform features should expect breakage. Those callers should, wherever possible, migrate to fully chrome-privileged scripts when they need to interact with privileged APIs. 12933