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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import json
import os
import platform
from pathlib import Path
from mozperftest.test.browsertime import add_option, add_options
# Uncomment the manual_login line if you need to do a manual login.
# The extra browsertime arguments get overwritten below so they
# need to be set here. The value is the time you need to do a login.
options = [
("pageCompleteWaitTime", "10000"),
# ("browsertime.manual_login", 100000),
next_site = None
RECORDING_LIST = Path(Path(__file__).parent, "pageload_sites.json")
# Uncomment this to record tp7 desktop sites in CI or locally.
# This is still a WIP (Bug 1831310) and meant to be used by the
# perftest team.
# RECORDING_LIST = Path(Path(__file__).parent, "tp7_desktop_sites.json")
SCM_1_LOGIN_SITES = ("facebook", "netflix")
def before_iterations(kw):
global next_site
print("Setting up next site to record.")
with as f:
site_list = json.load(f)
# currently can't record websites that require user interactions(Logins)
if kw.get("android"):
site_list = site_list["mobile"]
site_list = site_list["desktop"]
def __should_record(test):
# If a test page selection was provided, only select those
# tests and exclude all the others
specified_tests = kw["proxy_perftest_page"]
if specified_tests is not None:
if test.get("name") == specified_tests:
if test.get("login"):
print(f"WARNING: You selected a login test: {test.get('name')}")
return True
return False
# Only perform login recordings in automation or when
# RAPTOR_LOGINS is defined
record = False
if not test.get("login") or test.get("login-test"):
record = True
if not (
"MOZ_AUTOMATION" in os.environ or "RAPTOR_LOGINS" in os.environ
) and test.get("login-test"):
record = False
f"Skipping login test `{test.get('name')}` "
f"because login info cannot be obtained."
# When pushing to Try, only attempt login recording using the
# taskcluster secrets that are associated with SCM level 1 as defined
# in `SCM_LVL_1_SITES`.
if test.get("login"):
if "MOZ_AUTOMATION" in os.environ.keys():
if (
os.environ.get("MOZ_SCM_LEVEL") == 1
and test.get("name") not in SCM_1_LOGIN_SITES
f"Skipping login test `{test.get('name')}` "
f"Because SCM = `{os.environ.get('MOZ_SCM_LEVEL') }`"
f"and there is no secret available at this level"
return False
return True
elif "RAPTOR_LOGINS" in os.environ:
# Leave it to the user to have properly set up a local json file with
# the login websites of interest
return True
return record
sites = [test_site for test_site in site_list if __should_record(test_site)]
if not sites:
raise Exception("No tests were selected for recording!")
def next_site():
for site in sites:
yield site
next_site = next_site()
# Set the number of test-iterations to the number of builds
kw["test_iterations"] = len(sites)
return kw
def before_runs(env):
global next_site
print("Running before_runs")
add_options(env, options)
if next_site:
test_site = next(next_site)
print("Next site: %s" % test_site)
if env.get_arg("android"):
platform_name = "android"
app_name = env.get_arg("android-app-name").split(".")[-1]
platform_name = platform.system().lower()
app_name = "firefox"
name = [
"gve" if app_name == "geckoview_example" else app_name,
recording_file = "" % "-".join(name)
env.set_arg("proxy-mode", "record")
add_options(env, options, overwrite=True)
add_option(env, "browsertime.url", test_site.get("test_url"))
add_option(env, "browsertime.screenshot", "true")
add_option(env, "browsertime.testName", test_site.get("name"))
add_option(env, "browsertime.testType", test_site.get("type", "pageload"))
env, "browsertime.login", "true" if test_site.get("login") else "false"
prefs = test_site.get("preferences", {})
for pref, val in prefs.items():
add_option(env, "firefox.preference", f"{pref}:{val}")
# Add prefs that will attempt to remove cookie banners
env, "firefox.preference", "cookiebanners.bannerClicking.enabled:true"
add_option(env, "firefox.preference", "cookiebanners.service.mode:2")
second_url = test_site.get("secondary_url", None)
if second_url:
add_option(env, "browsertime.secondary_url", second_url)
inject_deterministic = test_site.get("inject_deterministic", True)
env.set_arg("proxy-deterministic", inject_deterministic)
dismiss_cookie_prompt = test_site.get("dismiss_cookie_prompt", [])
if dismiss_cookie_prompt:
parsed_cmds = [
":::".join([str(i) for i in item])
for item in dismiss_cookie_prompt
if item
env, "browsertime.dismiss_cookie_prompt", ";;;".join(parsed_cmds)
cmds = test_site.get("test_cmds", [])
if cmds:
parsed_cmds = [":::".join([str(i) for i in item]) for item in cmds if item]
add_option(env, "browsertime.commands", ";;;".join(parsed_cmds))
print("Recording %s to file: %s" % (test_site.get("test_url"), recording_file))