Name Description Size Mozharness script to generate an android PGO profile using the emulator 12531 A mozharness script for Android functional tests (like mochitests and reftests) run on an Android emulator. This script starts and manages an Android emulator for the duration of the required tests. This is like, but for Android emulator test platforms. 21234 17894 Overrides the is_emulator property on AndroidMixin. 11378 run awsy tests in a virtualenv 11309 Verify the .json and .py files in the configs/ directory are well-formed. Further tests to verify validity would be desirable. This is also a good example script to look at to understand mozharness. 5586 This script manages Desktop repacks for nightly builds. 16571 This script manages Desktop partner repacks for beta/release builds. 7010 author: Jordan Lund 50263 Runs a thing to see if it crashes within a set period. 4281 Override method from TestingMixin for more specific behavior. 9870 script harness to build nightly firefox within Mozilla's build environment and developer machines alike author: Jordan Lund 3557 Updates a gecko repo with up to date changesets from Specifically, it updates l10n-changesets.json which is used by mobile releases. This is to allow for `mach taskgraph` to reference specific l10n revisions without having to resort to task.extra or commandline base64 json hacks. 13577 16676 633 16265 raptor 509
release assign mozconfig. 5817 talos 568
telemetry 24343