Name Description Size Method to generate a single addon. :param addon_id: id of an addon to generate from the stubs dictionary :param path: path where addon and .xpi should be generated :param name: name for the addon folder or .xpi file :param xpi: Flag if an XPI or folder should be generated Returns the file-path of the addon's .xpi file 2321
addons 6
files 4
install_manifests 8
manifest.ini 261 Test finding the addon id in a variety of install.rdf styles 5143 11286 use of --profile in mozrunner just blows away addon sources: 1230 1877 test cleanup logic for the clone functionality see 2111 test nonce in prefs delimeters see 1131 http://mochi.test:8888 primary,privileged noxul privileged 6050 invokes mozprofile command line via the CLI factory - args : command line arguments (equivalent of sys.argv[1:]) 12952 Test the summary function. 2210 3012 # This is the primary location from which tests run. # http://mochi.test:8888 primary,privileged # a few test locations privileged privileged https://test:80 privileged privileged privileged 4416