Name Description Size To use mozprofile as an API you can import mozprofile.profile_ and/or the AddonManager_. ``mozprofile.profile`` features a generic ``Profile`` class. In addition, subclasses ``FirefoxProfile`` and ``ThundebirdProfile`` are available with preset preferences for those applications. 769 Exception for not well-formed add-on manifest files 12468 Creates and/or modifies a Firefox profile. The profile can be modified by passing in addons to install or preferences to set. If no profile is specified, a new profile is created and the path of the resulting profile is printed. 5855 diff two profile summaries 2398 add permissions to the profile 14243 user preferences 7769 Create a new Profile. All arguments are optional. :param profile: Path to a profile. If not specified, a new profile directory will be created. :param addons: List of paths to addons which should be installed in the profile. :param preferences: Dict of preferences to set in the profile. :param restore: Whether or not to clean up any modifications made to this profile (default True). 19923 script to view mozilla profiles 1237