Name Description Size
manifest.toml 277
process_normal_broad.ini 373
process_normal_deep.ini 921
process_normal_finish.ini 161
process_normal_finish_no_process_group.ini 18
process_waittimeout.ini 166
process_waittimeout_10s.ini 158 Create and Launch process trees specified by a '.ini' file Typical .ini file accepted by this class : [main] children=c1, 1*c2, 4*c3 maxtime=10 [c1] children= 2*c2, c3 maxtime=20 [c2] children=3*c3 maxtime=5 [c3] maxtime=3 This generates a process tree of the form: [main] |---[c1] | |---[c2] | | |---[c3] | | |---[c3] | | |---[c3] | | | |---[c2] | | |---[c3] | | |---[c3] | | |---[c3] | | | |---[c3] | |---[c2] | |---[c3] | |---[c3] | |---[c3] | |---[c3] |---[c3] |---[c3] Caveat: The section names cannot contain a '*'(asterisk) or a ','(comma) character as these are used as delimiters for parsing. 6894 Use to determine if the situation has failed. Parameters: proc -- the processhandler instance isalive -- Use True to indicate we pass if the process exists; however, by default the test will pass if the process does not exist (isalive == False) expectedfail -- Defaults to [], used to indicate a list of fields that are expected to fail 2201
scripts Class to test for detached processes. 1748 Class to test various process tree killing scenatios 4656 Class to test misc operations 1757 Class to test operations related to output handling 1944 Parameter processOutputLine is accepted with a single function 2728 Class to test process pid. 1159 Class to test process poll. 4557 3675 Class to test mozprocess.run_and_wait 3240 Class to test process waits and timeouts 4400