Name Description Size 850 Base class for implementing non-trivial formatters. Subclasses are expected to provide a method for each action type they wish to handle, each taking a single argument for the test data. For example a trivial subclass that just produces the id of each test as it starts might be:: class StartIdFormatter(BaseFormatter); def test_start(data): #For simplicity in the example pretend the id is always a string return data["test"] 942 4563 Formatter designed to produce unexpected test results grouped together in a readable format. 14532
html 5 Format number of seconds to MM:SS.DD form. 21888 Translate a process signal identifier to a human readable string. 1764 Formatter that formats logs in the legacy formatting format used by TBPL This is intended to be used to preserve backward compatibility with existing tools hand-parsing this format. 15510 Formatter designed to produce output in a format like that used by the ``unittest`` module in the standard library. 2530 Take a test id and return something that looks a bit like a class path 4062