Name Description Size mozgeckoprofiler has utilities to symbolicate and load gecko profiles. 569
dump_syms_mac 0 Symbolicate a single JSON profile. 2979 Returns the filename at which the .sym file was created, or None if no symbols were dumped. 12781 12336 This class fetches symbols from files and caches the results. options (obj) symbolPaths : dictionary Paths to .SYM files, expressed internally as a mapping of app or platform names to directories. App & OS names from requests are converted to all-uppercase internally e.g. { "FIREFOX": "/tmp/path" } maxCacheEntries : number Maximum number of symbol files to keep in memory prefetchInterval : number Frequency of checking for recent symbols to cache (in hours) prefetchThreshold : number Oldest file age to prefetch (in hours) prefetchMaxSymbolsPerLib : (number) Maximum number of library versions to pre-fetch per library 13439 Extends the basic SimpleHTTPRequestHandler (which serves a directory of files) to include request headers required by 4212