Name Description Size 330 Mozilla universal manifest parser 7218 [^\'] 9306 A filter is a callable that accepts an iterable of test objects and a dictionary of values, and returns a new iterable of test objects. It is possible to define custom filters if the built-in ones are not enough. 19335 read an .ini file and return a list of [(section, values)] - fp : file pointer or path to read - defaults : default set of variables - default : name of the section for the default section - comments : characters that if they start a line denote a comment - separators : strings that denote key, value separation in order - strict : whether to be strict about parsing - handle_defaults : whether to incorporate defaults into each section 6184 normalize a relative path 31103 Normalize path separators, by using forward slashes instead of whatever :py:const:`os.sep` is. 1527