Name Description Size
black.png 0
bug814037.html 1106
click_out_of_bounds_overflow.html 2616
clicks.html Testing Clicks 1772
element_outside_viewport.html 1294
empty.html Marionette Test 305
formPage.html We Leave From Here 4305
frameset.html Unique title 419
framesetPage2.html 150
html5Page.html HTML5 1417
keyboard.html Testing Javascript 4285
navigation_pushstate.html Navigation by manipulating the browser history 606
navigation_pushstate_target.html 313
nestedElements.html 333
resultPage.html We Arrive Here 341
shim.js mouse_event_shim.js: generate mouse events from touch events. This library listens for touch events and generates mousedown, mousemove mouseup, and click events to match them. It captures and dicards any real mouse events (non-synthetic events with isTrusted true) that are send by gecko so that there are not duplicates. This library does emit mouseover/mouseout and mouseenter/mouseleave events. You can turn them off by setting MouseEventShim.trackMouseMoves to false. This means that mousemove events will always have the same target as the mousedown even that began the series. You can also call MouseEventShim.setCapture() from a mousedown event handler to prevent mouse tracking until the next mouseup event. This library does not support multi-touch but should be sufficient to do drags based on mousedown/mousemove/mouseup events. This library does not emit dblclick events or contextmenu events 9989
slow_resource.html Slow loading resource 351
test.html Marionette Test 1437
test_accessibility.html Marionette Test 2197
test_clearing.html 965
test_dynamic.html 1126
test_iframe.html Marionette IFrame Test 499
test_inner_iframe.html Inner Iframe 355
test_nested_iframe.html Marionette IFrame Test 378
test_oop_1.html OOP Test Frame 1 355
test_oop_2.html OOP Test Frame 2 355
test_windows.html XHTML Test Page 587
testAction.html Marionette Test 4509
visibility.html Testing Visibility 1524
white.png 0
windowHandles.html Marionette New Tab Link 577
xhtmlTest.html XHTML Test Page 2138