Name Description Size
GTestRunner.cpp aUnitTest 6612
GTestRunner.h 373 1196
MozAssertions.cpp 1278
MozAssertions.h 1119
MozGTestBench.cpp 2033
MozGTestBench.h 850
MozHelpers.cpp 1927
MozHelpers.h Exit mode used for ScopedTestResultReporter. 3506
SanityTest.cpp 824
WaitFor.cpp 694
WaitFor.h Waits for an occurrence of aEvent on the current thread (by blocking it, except tasks added to the event loop may run) and returns the event's templated value, if it's non-void. The caller must be wary of eventloop issues, in particular cases where we rely on a stable state runnable, but there is never a task to trigger stable state. In such cases it is the responsibility of the caller to create the needed tasks, as JS would. A noteworthy API that relies on stable state is MediaTrackGraph::GetInstance. 5134