Name Description Size 17523 18433 1184 52804 10898 Gecko-esque logger implementation for the [`log`] crate. The [`log`] crate provides a single logging API that abstracts over the actual logging implementation. This module uses the logging API to provide a log implementation that shares many aesthetical traits with [Log.sys.mjs] from Gecko. Using the [`error!`], [`warn!`], [`info!`], [`debug!`], and [`trace!`] macros from `log` will output a timestamp field, followed by the log level, and then the message. The fields are separated by a tab character, making the output suitable for further text processing with `awk(1)`. This module shares the same API as `log`, except it provides additional entry functions [`init`] and [`init_with_level`] and additional log levels `Level::Fatal` and `Level::Config`. Converting these into the [`log::Level`] is lossy so that `Level::Fatal` becomes `log::Level::Error` and `Level::Config` becomes `log::Level::Debug`. [`log`]: [Log.sys.mjs]: [`error!`]: [`warn!`]: [`info!`]: [`debug!`]: [`trace!`]: [`init`]: fn.init.html [`init_with_level`]: fn.init_with_level.html 12727 15875 65401 6921 426