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Proxy for using W3C [WebDriver] compatible clients to interact with
Gecko-based browsers.
This program provides the HTTP API described by the [WebDriver
protocol] to communicate with Gecko browsers, such as Firefox. It
translates calls into the [Marionette remote protocol] by acting
as a proxy between the local- and remote ends.
* [WebDriver] (work in progress)
* [Selenium]( (work in progress)
Source code
geckodriver is made available under the [Mozilla Public License].
Its source code can be found in [mozilla-central] under testing/geckodriver.
This GitHub repository is only used for issue tracking and making releases.
[Mozilla Public License]:
Custom release builds
If a binary is not available for your platform, it's possibe to create a custom
build using the [Rust] toolchain. To do this, checkout the release tag for the
version of interest and run `cargo build`. Alternatively the latest version may
be built and installed from `` using `cargo install geckodriver`.
The mailing list for geckodriver discussion is
There is also an Element channel to talk about using and developing
geckodriver on ` <>`__