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EventUtils documentation
``EventUtils``' methods are available in all browser mochitests on the ``EventUtils``
In mochitest-plain and mochitest-chrome, you can load
HTML script tag to gain access to this set of utilities. In this case, all the
documented methods here are **not** on a separate object, but available as global
Mouse input
.. js:autofunction:: sendMouseEvent
.. js:autofunction:: EventUtils.synthesizeMouse
.. js:autofunction:: synthesizeMouseAtCenter
.. js:autofunction:: synthesizeNativeMouseEvent
.. js:autofunction:: synthesizeMouseExpectEvent
.. js:autofunction:: synthesizeWheel
.. js:autofunction:: EventUtils.synthesizeWheelAtPoint
.. js:autofunction:: sendWheelAndPaint
.. js:autofunction:: sendWheelAndPaintNoFlush
Keyboard input
.. js:autofunction:: sendKey
.. js:autofunction:: EventUtils.sendChar
.. js:autofunction:: sendString
.. js:autofunction:: EventUtils.synthesizeKey
.. js:autofunction:: synthesizeNativeKey
.. js:autofunction:: synthesizeKeyExpectEvent
Drag and drop
.. js:autofunction:: synthesizeDragOver
.. js:autofunction:: synthesizeDrop
.. js:autofunction:: synthesizeDropAfterDragOver
.. js:autofunction:: synthesizePlainDragAndDrop
.. js:autofunction:: synthesizePlainDragAndCancel
.. js:autofunction:: sendDragEvent