Name Description Size 6120 Counting and non-counting Bloom filters tuned for use as ancestor filters for selector matching. 11806 1446 Helper module to build up a selector safely and efficiently. Our selector representation is designed to optimize matching, and has several requirements: * All simple selectors and combinators are stored inline in the same buffer as Component instances. * We store the top-level compound selectors from right to left, i.e. in matching order. * We store the simple selectors for each combinator from left to right, so that we match the cheaper simple selectors first. Meeting all these constraints without extra memmove traffic during parsing is non-trivial. This module encapsulates those details and presents an easy-to-use API for the parser. 15258
Cargo.toml 826 184 13866 993 47089 3172 162878 rust-selectors 1171
relative_selector Small helpers to abstract over different containers. 950 Traits that nodes must implement. Breaks the otherwise-cyclic dependency between layout and style. 5733 Visitor traits for selectors. 4860