Name Description Size
LinuxSched.h 987 5085
Sandbox.cpp This is the SIGSYS handler function. It delegates to the Chromium TrapRegistry handler (see InstallSigSysHandler, below) and, if the trap handler installed by the policy would fail with ENOSYS, crashes the process. This allows unintentional policy failures to be reported as crash dumps and fixed. It also logs information about the failed system call. Note that this could be invoked in parallel on multiple threads and that it could be in async signal context (e.g., intercepting an open() called from an async signal handler). 29578
Sandbox.h 3046
SandboxBrokerClient.cpp 10056
SandboxBrokerClient.h 2048
SandboxChrootProto.h 727
SandboxFilter.cpp 74847
SandboxFilter.h 1343
SandboxFilterUtil.cpp static 4966
SandboxFilterUtil.h 8043
SandboxHooks.cpp 3337
SandboxInfo.cpp 7771
SandboxInfo.h 2414
SandboxInternal.h 846
SandboxLogging.cpp 4104
SandboxLogging.h 3869
SandboxOpenedFiles.cpp 1981
SandboxOpenedFiles.h 3431
SandboxProfiler.cpp static 11007
SandboxProfiler.h 5303
SandboxProfilerChild.h static 1228
SandboxProfilerObserver.h This code is here to help bring up SandboxProfiler whenever the profiler is started by the user. We cannot have that code live within SandboxProfiler.cpp itself because we rely on libxul facilities, while the sandbox code lives within libmozsandbox. 1803
SandboxProfilerParent.h static 2790
SandboxReporterClient.cpp 3039
SandboxReporterClient.h 1632