Name Description Size
cms.h Interfaces of the CMS implementation. 39832
cmsarray.c CMS array functions. 4688
cmsasn1.c CMS ASN.1 templates 18771
cmsattr.c CMS attributes. 12053
cmscinfo.c CMS contentInfo methods. 12246
cmscipher.c Encryption/decryption routines for CMS implementation, none of which are exported. 24444
cmsdecode.c CMS decoding. 25811
cmsdigdata.c CMS digestedData methods. 6069
cmsdigest.c CMS digesting. 7310
cmsencdata.c CMS encryptedData methods. 7988
cmsencode.c CMS encoding. 28382
cmsenvdata.c CMS envelopedData methods. 12365
cmslocal.h Support routines for CMS implementation, none of which are exported. Do not export this file! If something in here is really needed outside of smime code, first try to add a CMS interface which will do it for you. If that has a problem, then just move out what you need, changing its name as appropriate! 13875
cmsmessage.c CMS message methods. 8935
cmspubkey.c CMS public key crypto 23033
cmsrecinfo.c CMS recipientInfo methods. 26276
cmsreclist.c CMS recipient list functions 6122
cmsreclist.h this recipient's index in recipientInfo array 908
cmssigdata.c CMS signedData methods. 33638
cmssiginfo.c CMS signerInfo methods. 36431
cmst.h Header for CMS types. 17503
cmsudf.c CMS User Define Types 11735
cmsutil.c CMS miscellaneous utility functions. 10940 1062
exports.gyp 768
Makefile 1859 886
smime.def 8266
smime.gyp 1852
smime.h Header file for routines specific to S/MIME. Keep things that are pure pkcs7 out of here; this is for S/MIME policy, S/MIME interoperability, etc. 7992
smime.rc 1871
smimemessage.c SMIME message methods 6386
smimesym.c 370
smimeutil.c Stuff specific to S/MIME policy and interoperability. 46413
smimever.c Library identity and versioning 462