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There are a couple of preferences associated with the Remote Agent:
Configurable preferences
### ``
Defines the remote protocols that are active. Available protocols are,
WebDriver BiDi (`1`), and CDP (`2`). Multiple protocols can be activated
at the same time by using bitwise or with the values. Defaults to `3`
in Nightly builds, and `2` otherwise.
### `remote.force-local`
Limits the Remote Agent to be allowed to listen on loopback devices,
e.g., localhost, and ::1.
### `remote.log.level`
Defines the verbosity of the internal logger. Available levels
are, in descending order of severity, `Trace`, `Debug`, `Config`,
`Info`, `Warn`, `Error`, and `Fatal`. Note that the value is
treated case-sensitively.
### `remote.log.truncate`
Defines whether long log messages should be truncated. Defaults to true.