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docs 1367 Temporarily clone the repo to get the latest tag and timestamp 2897 Query the codeberg api for a git commit id and timestamp. 1063 1267 Generic Github API get. 1438 Query the gitlab api for a git commit id and timestamp. 970 Query for a git commit and timestamp. 1147 Vendor third-party dependencies into the source repository. Vendoring rust and python can be done with ./mach vendor [rust/python]. Vendoring other libraries can be done with ./mach vendor [arguments] path/to/file.yaml 6802 383 30325 51477 1478 36435 10101 \ # This file contains vendoring instructions for cargo. # It was generated by `mach vendor rust`. # Please do not edit. {config} # Take advantage of the fact that cargo will treat lines starting with # # as comments to add preprocessing directives. This file can thus by copied # as-is to $topsrcdir/.cargo/config.toml with no preprocessing to be used there # (for e.g. independent tasks building rust code), or be preprocessed by # the build system to produce a .cargo/config.toml with the right content. #define REPLACE_NAME {replace_name} #define VENDORED_DIRECTORY {directory} # We explicitly exclude the following section when preprocessing because # it would overlap with the preprocessed [source."@REPLACE_NAME@"], and # cargo would fail. #ifndef REPLACE_NAME [source.{replace_name}] directory = "{directory}" #endif # Thankfully, @REPLACE_NAME@ is unlikely to be a legitimate source, so # cargo will ignore it when it's here verbatim. #filter substitution [source."@REPLACE_NAME@"] directory = "@top_srcdir@/@VENDORED_DIRECTORY@" 37434