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import unittest
import mozunit
from mozbuild.preprocessor import Context, Expression
class TestContext(unittest.TestCase):
Unit tests for the Context class
def setUp(self):
self.c = Context()
self.c["FAIL"] = "PASS"
def test_string_literal(self):
"""test string literal, fall-through for undefined var in a Context"""
self.assertEqual(self.c["PASS"], "PASS")
def test_variable(self):
"""test value for defined var in the Context class"""
self.assertEqual(self.c["FAIL"], "PASS")
def test_in(self):
"""test 'var in context' to not fall for fallback"""
self.assertTrue("FAIL" in self.c)
self.assertTrue("PASS" not in self.c)
class TestExpression(unittest.TestCase):
Unit tests for the Expression class
evaluate() is called with a context {FAIL: 'PASS'}
def setUp(self):
self.c = Context()
self.c["FAIL"] = "PASS"
def test_string_literal(self):
"""Test for a string literal in an Expression"""
self.assertEqual(Expression("PASS").evaluate(self.c), "PASS")
def test_variable(self):
"""Test for variable value in an Expression"""
self.assertEqual(Expression("FAIL").evaluate(self.c), "PASS")
def test_not(self):
"""Test for the ! operator"""
self.assertTrue(not Expression("!1").evaluate(self.c))
def test_equals(self):
"""Test for the == operator"""
self.assertTrue(Expression("FAIL == PASS").evaluate(self.c))
def test_notequals(self):
"""Test for the != operator"""
self.assertTrue(Expression("FAIL != 1").evaluate(self.c))
def test_logical_and(self):
"""Test for the && operator"""
self.assertTrue(Expression("PASS == PASS && PASS != NOTPASS").evaluate(self.c))
def test_logical_or(self):
"""Test for the || operator"""
Expression("PASS == NOTPASS || PASS != NOTPASS").evaluate(self.c)
def test_logical_ops(self):
"""Test for the && and || operators precedence"""
# Would evaluate to false if precedence was wrong
Expression("PASS == PASS || PASS != NOTPASS && PASS == NOTPASS").evaluate(
def test_defined(self):
"""Test for the defined() value"""
if __name__ == "__main__":