Name Description Size Sandbox-visible representation of @depends functions. 49409 Returns the range offset for a given compilation unit in a given debug_info. 2204 3461 4419 Raises the given exception as if it were emitted from the given location. The location is determined from the values of obj and line. - `obj` can be a function or DependsFunction, in which case `line` corresponds to the line within the function the exception will be raised from (as an offset from the function's firstlineno). - `obj` can be a stack frame, in which case `line` is ignored. 12280 Represents the value of a configure option. This class is not meant to be used directly. Use its subclasses instead. The `origin` attribute holds where the option comes from (e.g. environment, command line, or default) 23325 A simple subclass of looseversion.LooseVersion. Adds attributes for `major`, `minor`, `patch` for the first three version components so users can easily pull out major/minor versions, like: v = Version('1.2b') v.major == 1 v.minor == 2 v.patch == 0 7712