Name Description Size
ChannelEventQueue.cpp 6231
ChannelEventQueue.h 10353 1963
NeckoChannelParams.ipdlh Ancestor data for use with the WebRequest API. See nsILoadInfo.idl for details. 11923
NeckoChild.cpp 13557
NeckoChild.h Predictor Messsages 4752
NeckoCommon.cpp 530
NeckoCommon.h 5125
NeckoMessageUtils.h We've been tricked by some socket family we don't know about! 7141
NeckoParent.cpp 33356
NeckoParent.h Creates LoadContext for parent-side of an e10s channel. PContentParent corresponds to the process that is requesting the load. Returns null if successful, or an error string if failed. 10491
NeckoTargetHolder.cpp 1132
NeckoTargetHolder.h 1360
PChannelDiverter.ipdl 682
PDataChannel.ipdl 634
PFileChannel.ipdl Used to facilitate http redirects to file:// - see 754
PNecko.ipdl Predictor Methods 6592
PSimpleChannel.ipdl 636
PSocketProcess.ipdl 2188
PSocketProcessBridge.ipdl PSocketProcessBridge is the IPC protocol between content process and socket process. This protocol allows socket process to send data to content process bypassing parent process. Once created, PSocketProcessBridgeChild is the actor that lives in content process and PSocketProcessBridgeParent lives in socket process. 994
SocketProcessBridgeChild.cpp 5168
SocketProcessBridgeChild.h 2060
SocketProcessBridgeParent.cpp 2398
SocketProcessBridgeParent.h 1509
SocketProcessChild.cpp static 5233
SocketProcessChild.h 2218
SocketProcessHost.cpp 9857
SocketProcessHost.h 4109
SocketProcessImpl.cpp 2553
SocketProcessImpl.h 1090
SocketProcessLogging.h 696
SocketProcessParent.cpp static 4811
SocketProcessParent.h 2557