Name Description Size
ChannelEventQueue.cpp 6360
ChannelEventQueue.h 11526
DocumentChannel.cpp 13887
DocumentChannel.h DocumentChannel is a protocol agnostic placeholder nsIChannel implementation that we use so that nsDocShell knows about a connecting load. It transfers all data into a DocumentLoadListener (running in the parent process), which will create the real channel for the connection, and decide which process to load the resulting document in. If the document is to be loaded in the current process, then we'll synthesize a redirect replacing this placeholder channel with the real one, otherwise the originating docshell will be removed during the process switch. 4239
DocumentChannelChild.cpp 15921
DocumentChannelChild.h DocumentChannelChild is an implementation of DocumentChannel for nsDocShells in the content process, that uses PDocumentChannel to serialize everything across IPDL to the parent process. 2446
DocumentChannelParent.cpp ObjectUpgradeHandler 5927
DocumentChannelParent.h An actor that forwards all changes across to DocumentChannelChild, the nsIChannel implementation owned by a content process docshell. 1860
DocumentLoadListener.cpp ANDROID 110961
DocumentLoadListener.h DocumentLoadListener represents a connecting document load for a CanonicalBrowsingContext (in the parent process). It creates a network channel for the document load and then waits for it to receive a response (after all redirects are resolved). It then decides where to handle that load (could be in a different process from the initiator), and then sets up a real network nsIChannel to deliver the data to the final destination docshell, maybe through an nsIParentChannel/nsIChildChannel IPDL layer. In the case where this was initiated from an nsDocShell, we also create an nsIChannel to act as a placeholder within the docshell while this process completes, and then notify the docshell of a 'redirect' when we replace this channel with the real one. 26465
InputChannelThrottleQueueChild.cpp 980
InputChannelThrottleQueueChild.h 1013
InputChannelThrottleQueueParent.cpp stabilize 3778
InputChannelThrottleQueueParent.h 1728 3118
NeckoChannelParams.ipdlh ClientInfo structure representing the window or worker that triggered this network request. May be Nothing if its a system internal request. 18589
NeckoChild.cpp 11059
NeckoChild.h Predictor Messsages 3775
NeckoCommon.h 4933
NeckoMessageUtils.h We've been tricked by some socket family we don't know about! 4987
NeckoParent.cpp 32434
NeckoParent.h Creates LoadContext for parent-side of an e10s channel. PContentParent corresponds to the process that is requesting the load. Returns null if successful, or an error string if failed. 9606
NeckoTargetHolder.cpp 1143
NeckoTargetHolder.h 1378
ParentChannelWrapper.cpp 3269
ParentChannelWrapper.h 1142
ParentProcessDocumentChannel.cpp 11193
ParentProcessDocumentChannel.h 1955
PDataChannel.ipdl 635
PDocumentChannel.ipdl 2336
PFileChannel.ipdl Used to facilitate http redirects to file:// - see 755
PInputChannelThrottleQueue.ipdl 591
PNecko.ipdl Predictor Methods 6316
PProxyAutoConfig.ipdl 708
PProxyConfigLookup.ipdl 493
ProxyAutoConfigChild.cpp 6606
ProxyAutoConfigChild.h 2663
ProxyAutoConfigParent.cpp 678
ProxyAutoConfigParent.h 801
ProxyConfigLookup.cpp 3413
ProxyConfigLookup.h 1323
ProxyConfigLookupChild.cpp 1471
ProxyConfigLookupChild.h 1267
ProxyConfigLookupParent.cpp 1520
ProxyConfigLookupParent.h 977
PSimpleChannel.ipdl 652
PSocketProcess.ipdl tabId is only required for web-proxy support, which isn't always needed 8369
PSocketProcessBridge.ipdl PSocketProcessBridge is the IPC protocol between content process and socket process. This protocol allows socket process to send data to content process bypassing parent process. Once created, PSocketProcessBridgeChild is the actor that lives in content process and PSocketProcessBridgeParent lives in socket process. 948
SocketProcessBridgeChild.cpp 6541
SocketProcessBridgeChild.h 1941
SocketProcessBridgeParent.cpp 2242
SocketProcessBridgeParent.h 1441
SocketProcessChild.cpp static 22156
SocketProcessChild.h 6763
SocketProcessHost.cpp remoteType 9155
SocketProcessHost.h 4792
SocketProcessImpl.cpp 2374
SocketProcessImpl.h 1090
SocketProcessLogging.h 696
SocketProcessParent.cpp static 12431
SocketProcessParent.h 4902