Name Description Size
CookieServiceChild.cpp 25380
CookieServiceChild.h 4234
CookieServiceParent.cpp 10174
CookieServiceParent.h 2369 1422
nsCookie.cpp nsCookie: string helper impl **************************************************************************** 7247
nsCookie.h The nsCookie class is the main cookie storage medium for use within cookie code. It implements nsICookie2, which extends nsICookie, a frozen interface for xpcom access of cookie objects. 6232
nsCookieKey.h 1804
nsCookieService.cpp nsCookieService impl: useful types & constants **************************************************************************** 194793
nsCookieService.h 17119
nsICookie.idl An optional interface for accessing the HTTP or javascript cookie object 1665
nsICookie2.idl Main cookie object interface for use by consumers: extends nsICookie, a frozen interface for external access of cookie objects 2461
nsICookieManager.idl An optional interface for accessing or removing the cookies that are in the cookie list 9130
nsICookiePermission.idl An interface to test for cookie permissions 4022
nsICookieService.idl @see nsICookieService::runInTransaction 10448
PCookieService.ipdl PCookieService Provides IPDL methods for setting and getting cookies. These are stored on and managed by the parent; the child process goes through the parent for all cookie operations. Lower-level programmatic operations (i.e. those provided by the nsICookieManager interface) are not currently implemented and requesting these interfaces in the child will fail. @see nsICookieService @see nsICookiePermission 4193
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