Name Description Size
crashtests 1395
nsBox.cpp 17752
nsBoxFrame.cpp virtual 29275
nsBoxFrame.h Eric D Vaughan nsBoxFrame is a frame that can lay its children out either vertically or horizontally. It lays them out according to a min max or preferred size. 6540
nsBoxLayout.cpp 2264
nsBoxLayout.h 2588
nsBoxLayoutState.cpp 1442
nsBoxLayoutState.h Author: Eric D Vaughan 2585
nsIPopupContainer.h 758
nsIScrollbarMediator.h The aScrollbar argument denotes the scrollbar that's firing the notification. aScrollbar is never null. aDirection is either -1, 0, or 1. 4181
nsLeafBoxFrame.cpp Initialize us. This is a good time to get the alignment of the box 9847
nsLeafBoxFrame.h nsLeafBoxFrame_h___ 3038
nsMenuPopupFrame.cpp 89361
nsMenuPopupFrame.h 24618
nsRepeatService.cpp static 2714
nsRepeatService.h 1988
nsScrollbarButtonFrame.cpp 8369
nsScrollbarButtonFrame.h Eric D Vaughan This class lays out its children either vertically or horizontally 2923
nsScrollbarFrame.cpp 17365
nsScrollbarFrame.h Treat scrollbars as clipping their children; overflowing children will not be allowed to set an overflow rect on this frame. This means that when the scroll code decides to hide a scrollframe by setting its height or width to zero, that will hide the children too. 5667
nsSliderFrame.cpp 54692
nsSliderFrame.h 8119
nsSplitterFrame.cpp 29878
nsSplitterFrame.h 2880
nsSprocketLayout.cpp static 45189
nsSprocketLayout.h 5549
nsTextBoxFrame.cpp update all 35258
nsTextBoxFrame.h nsTextBoxFrame_h___ 4486
nsXULPopupManager.cpp 103074
nsXULPopupManager.h The XUL Popup Manager keeps track of all open popups. 33447
nsXULTooltipListener.cpp 22274
nsXULTooltipListener.h 3044