Name Description Size
crashtests 66 1661
nsBox.cpp 18722
nsBoxFrame.cpp 39099
nsBoxFrame.h Eric D Vaughan nsBoxFrame is a frame that can lay its children out either vertically or horizontally. It lays them out according to a min max or preferred size. 7819
nsBoxLayout.cpp 2264
nsBoxLayout.h 2588
nsBoxLayoutState.cpp 1442
nsBoxLayoutState.h Author: Eric D Vaughan 2585
nsButtonBoxFrame.cpp 6998
nsButtonBoxFrame.h nsButtonBoxFrame_h___ 2169
nsDeckFrame.cpp 8445
nsDeckFrame.h Eric D Vaughan A frame that can have multiple children. Only one child may be displayed at one time. So the can be flipped though like a deck of cards. 2347
nsDocElementBoxFrame.cpp 5002
nsImageBoxFrame.cpp 27124
nsImageBoxFrame.h Gets the image to be loaded from the current style. May be null if themed, or if not an url image. TODO(emilio): Maybe support list-style-image: linear-gradient() etc? 6241
nsIPopupContainer.h 969
nsIScrollbarMediator.h The aScrollbar argument denotes the scrollbar that's firing the notification. aScrollbar is never null. aDirection is either -1, 0, or 1. 4181
nsLeafBoxFrame.cpp Initialize us. This is a good time to get the alignment of the box 9942
nsLeafBoxFrame.h nsLeafBoxFrame_h___ 3079
nsMenuBarFrame.cpp 10774
nsMenuBarFrame.h 4531
nsMenuBarListener.cpp nsMenuBarListener implementation 18432
nsMenuBarListener.h EventListener implementation for menubar. 3726
nsMenuFrame.cpp 38779
nsMenuFrame.h nsMenuTimerMediator is a wrapper around an nsMenuFrame which can be safely passed to timers. The class is reference counted unlike the underlying nsMenuFrame, so that it will exist as long as the timer holds a reference to it. The callback is delegated to the contained nsMenuFrame as long as the contained nsMenuFrame has not been destroyed. 9169
nsMenuParent.h nsMenuParent is an interface implemented by nsMenuBarFrame and nsMenuPopupFrame as both serve as parent frames to nsMenuFrame. Don't implement this interface on other classes unless you also fix up references, as this interface is directly cast to and from nsMenuBarFrame and nsMenuPopupFrame. 2940
nsMenuPopupFrame.cpp 98270
nsMenuPopupFrame.h 25721
nsPopupSetFrame.cpp 4642
nsPopupSetFrame.h 2261
nsRepeatService.cpp static 2714
nsRepeatService.h 1988
nsRootBoxFrame.cpp 8114
nsScrollbarButtonFrame.cpp 8387
nsScrollbarButtonFrame.h Eric D Vaughan This class lays out its children either vertically or horizontally 2973
nsScrollbarFrame.cpp 17652
nsScrollbarFrame.h Treat scrollbars as clipping their children; overflowing children will not be allowed to set an overflow rect on this frame. This means that when the scroll code decides to hide a scrollframe by setting its height or width to zero, that will hide the children too. 5667
nsSliderFrame.cpp 54398
nsSliderFrame.h 8164
nsSplitterFrame.cpp 30972
nsSplitterFrame.h 2845
nsSprocketLayout.cpp static 48706
nsSprocketLayout.h 5618
nsStackLayout.cpp static 5324
nsStackLayout.h Eric D Vaughan A frame that can have multiple children. Only one child may be displayed at one time. So the can be flipped though like a deck of cards. 1529
nsTextBoxFrame.cpp update all 35742
nsTextBoxFrame.h nsTextBoxFrame_h___ 4100
nsXULPopupManager.cpp 107849
nsXULPopupManager.h The XUL Popup Manager keeps track of all open popups. 35923
nsXULTooltipListener.cpp 22827
nsXULTooltipListener.h 3064
reftest 19
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