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<title>Test media query list serialization</title>
<script src="/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/tests/SimpleTest/test.css"/>
@media PrInT {}
@media screen, PrInT, SPEECH {}
@media GARbAGE7 {}
@media AAAAA {}
@media ZZZZZ {}
@media NotAValidMediaType_!000 {}
@media NotAValidMediaType_!000, AlsoInvalid!!!! {}
@media PrInT, GARbAGE7, notAValidMediaType_!000 {}
<script type="application/javascript">
let expectedValues = [
// Valid types
["print", "Valid media types are ascii lowercased."],
["screen, print, speech", "Media query lists with only valid types are ascii lowercased."],
// Invalid types
["garbage7", "Invalid media types are ascii lowercased."],
["aaaaa", "Ascii conversion handles 'A' correctly."],
["zzzzz", "Ascii conversion handles 'Z' correctly."],
// Malformed types
["not all", "Malformed media types are serialized to 'not all'."],
["not all, not all", "Multiple malformed media types are each serialized to 'not all'."],
// Mixes
["print, garbage7, not all", "Media query lists with a mix of valid, invalid, and malformed types serialize " +
"as lowercase with malformed types changed to 'not all'."],
let sheet = document.styleSheets[1];
expectedValues.forEach(function (entry, index) {
let rule = sheet.cssRules[index];
let serializedList =;
is(serializedList, entry[0], entry[1]);