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<title>Test handling of garbage at the end of CSS declarations</title>
<script src="/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="property_database.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/tests/SimpleTest/test.css" />
<p id="display"></p>
<div id="content" style="display: none">
<div id="testnode"></div>
<pre id="test">
<script class="testbody" type="text/javascript">
/* eslint-disable dot-notation */
/** Test for correct ExpectEndProperty calls in CSS parser **/
* Inspired by review comments on bug 378217.
* The original idea was to test that ExpectEndProperty calls are made
* in the correct places in the CSS parser so that we don't accept
* garbage at the end of property values.
* However, there's actually other code (in ParseDeclaration) that
* ensures that we don't accept garbage.
* Despite that, I'm checking it in anyway, since it caught an infinite
* loop in the patch for bug 435441.
var gElement = document.getElementById("testnode");
var gDeclaration =;
* This lists properties where garbage identifiers are allowed at the
* end, with values in property_database.js that are exceptions that
* should be tested anyway. "inherit", "initial" and "unset" are always
* tested.
var gAllowsExtra = {
"counter-increment": { "none": true },
"counter-reset": { "none": true },
"font-family": {},
"font": { "caption": true, "icon": true, "menu": true, "message-box": true,
"small-caption": true, "status-bar": true },
"voice-family": {},
"list-style": {
"inside none": true, "none inside": true, "none": true,
"none outside": true, "outside none": true,
'url("") outside': true,
'outside url("")': true
/* These are the reverse of the above list; they're the unusual values
that do allow extra keywords afterwards */
var gAllowsExtraUnusual = {
"transition": { "all": true, "0s": true, "0s 0s": true, "ease": true,
"1s 2s linear": true, "1s linear 2s": true,
"linear 1s 2s": true, "linear 1s": true,
"1s linear": true, "1s 2s": true, "2s 1s": true,
"linear": true, "1s": true, "2s": true,
"ease-in-out": true, "2s ease-in": true,
"ease-out 2s": true, "1s width, 2s": true },
"animation": { "none": true, "0s": true, "ease": true,
"normal": true, "running": true, "1.0": true,
"1s 2s linear": true, "1s linear 2s": true,
"linear 1s 2s": true, "linear 1s": true,
"1s linear": true, "1s 2s": true, "2s 1s": true,
"linear": true, "1s": true, "2s": true,
"ease-in-out": true, "2s ease-in": true,
"ease-out 2s": true, "1s bounce, 2s": true,
"1s bounce, 2s none": true },
"font-family": { "inherit": true, "initial": true, "unset": true }
gAllowsExtraUnusual["-moz-transition"] = gAllowsExtraUnusual["transition"];
gAllowsExtraUnusual["-moz-animation"] = gAllowsExtraUnusual["animation"];
function test_property(property)
var info = gCSSProperties[property];
function test_value(value) {
if (property in gAllowsExtra &&
value != "inherit" && value != "initial" && value != "unset" &&
!(value in gAllowsExtra[property])) {
if (property in gAllowsExtraUnusual &&
value in gAllowsExtraUnusual[property]) {
// Include non-identifier characters in the garbage
// in case |value| would also be valid with a <custom-ident> added.
gElement.setAttribute("style", property + ": " + value + " +blah/");
if ("subproperties" in info) {
for (idx in info.subproperties) {
var subprop = info.subproperties[idx];
is(gDeclaration.getPropertyValue(subprop), "",
["expected garbage ignored after '", property, ": ", value,
"' when looking at subproperty '", subprop, "'"].join(""));
} else {
is(gDeclaration.getPropertyValue(property), "",
["expected garbage ignored after '", property, ": ", value,
var idx;
for (idx in info.initial_values)
for (idx in info.other_values)
// To avoid triggering the slow script dialog, we have to test one
// property at a time.
var props = [];
for (var prop in gCSSProperties)
props = props.reverse();
function do_one() {
if (props.length == 0) {