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<title>Test for Bug 779917</title>
<script src="/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/tests/SimpleTest/test.css"/>
<a target="_blank" href="">Mozilla Bug 779917</a>
<p id="display"></p>
<div id="content" style="display: none">
<pre id="test">
<script type="application/javascript">
/** Test for Bug 779917 **/
function runTest()
var passingConditions = [
"color: green",
"(color: green)",
"((color: green))",
"(color: green !important)",
"(color: rainbow) or (color: green)",
"(color: green) or (color: rainbow)",
"(color: green) and (color: blue)",
"(color: rainbow) or (color: iridescent) or (color: green)",
"(color: red) and (color: green) and (color: blue)",
"not (color: rainbow)",
"not (not (color: green))",
"(unknown:) or (color: green)",
"(unknown) or (color: green)",
"(font: 16px serif)",
"(color:) or (color: green)",
"not (@page)",
"not ({ something @with [ balanced ] brackets })",
"an-extension(of some kind) or (color: green)",
"not ()",
"( Font: 20px serif ! Important) ",
"(color: /* comment */ green)",
"(/* comment */ color: green)",
"(color: green /* comment */)",
"(color: green) /* comment */",
"/* comment */ (color: green)",
"(color /* comment */: green)",
"(color: green) /* unclosed comment",
"(color: green",
"(((((((color: green",
"(font-family: 'Helvetica"
var failingConditions = [
"(color: rainbow)",
"(color: rainbow) and (color: green)",
"(color: blue) and (color: rainbow)",
"(color: green) and (color: green) or (color: green)",
"(color: green) or (color: green) and (color: green)",
"not not (color: green)",
"not (color: rainbow) and not (color: iridescent)",
"not (color: rainbow) or (color: green)",
"(not (color: rainbow) or (color: green))",
"(unknown: green)",
"not ({ something @with (unbalanced brackets })",
"(color: green) or an-extension(that is [unbalanced)",
"not(unknown: unknown)",
"(color: green) or(color: blue)",
"(color: green;)",
"(font-family: 'Helvetica\n",
"(font-family: 'Helvetica\n')",
var passingDeclarations = [
["color", "green"],
["color", " green "],
["Color", "Green"],
["color", "green /* comment */"],
["color", "/* comment */ green"],
["color", "green /* unclosed comment"],
["font", "16px serif"],
["font", "16px /* comment */ serif"],
["font", "16px\nserif"],
["color", "\\0067reen"]
var failingDeclarations = [
["color ", "green"],
["color", "rainbow"],
["color", "green green"],
["color", "green !important"],
["\\0063olor", "green"],
["/* comment */color", "green"],
["color/* comment */", "green"],
["font-family", "'Helvetica\n"],
["font-family", "'Helvetica\n'"],
["color", "green;"],
["color", ""],
["unknown", "unknown"],
["", "green"],
["", ""]
passingConditions.forEach(function(aCondition) {
is(CSS.supports(aCondition), true, "CSS.supports returns true for passing condition \"" + aCondition + "\"");
failingConditions.forEach(function(aCondition) {
is(CSS.supports(aCondition), false, "CSS.supports returns false for failing condition \"" + aCondition + "\"");
passingDeclarations.forEach(function(aDeclaration) {
is(CSS.supports(aDeclaration[0], aDeclaration[1]), true, "CSS.supports returns true for supported declaration \"" + aDeclaration.join(":") + "\"");
failingDeclarations.forEach(function(aDeclaration) {
is(CSS.supports(aDeclaration[0], aDeclaration[1]), false, "CSS.supports returns false for unsupported declaration \"" + aDeclaration.join(":") + "\"");