Name Description Size
accessiblecaret-normal.svg 700
accessiblecaret-normal@1.5x.png 1453
accessiblecaret-normal@1x.png 999
accessiblecaret-normal@2.25x.png 2053
accessiblecaret-normal@2x.png 2118
accessiblecaret-tilt-left.svg 669
accessiblecaret-tilt-left@1.5x.png 1443
accessiblecaret-tilt-left@1x.png 993
accessiblecaret-tilt-left@2.25x.png 2092
accessiblecaret-tilt-left@2x.png 1775
accessiblecaret-tilt-right.svg 659
accessiblecaret-tilt-right@1.5x.png 1440
accessiblecaret-tilt-right@1x.png 982
accessiblecaret-tilt-right@2.25x.png 2075
accessiblecaret-tilt-right@2x.png 1766
accessiblecaret.css Add transition effect to make caret size changing smoother. 2880
counterstyles.css Defined in CSS Counter Styles Level 3 12623
details.css See the comment around the summary styles in html.css, these rules should match 558
forms.css Styles for old GFX form widgets 24047
html.css set default namespace to HTML 20002 5545
Mozilla_Bullet.ttf 0
Mozilla_Bullet.woff2 0
noframes.css This sheet is added to the style set for documents with frames disabled 373
password-hide.svg 1070
password.svg 782
plaintext.css Make text go with the rules of dir=auto, but allow it to be overriden if 'Switch Text Direction' is triggered 992
quirk.css set default namespace to HTML 3122
scrollbars.css Rules required for style caching of anonymous content scrollbar parts 5758
searchfield-cancel.svg 587
ua.css magic -- some of these rules are important to keep pages from overriding them 11559
viewsource.css set default namespace to HTML 2239