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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
/* DOM object returned from element.getComputedStyle() */
#ifndef nsComputedDOMStyle_h__
#define nsComputedDOMStyle_h__
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "mozilla/StyleColorInlines.h"
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsContentUtils.h"
#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsDOMCSSDeclaration.h"
#include "mozilla/ComputedStyle.h"
#include "nsIWeakReferenceUtils.h"
#include "mozilla/gfx/Types.h"
#include "nsCoord.h"
#include "nsColor.h"
#include "nsStubMutationObserver.h"
#include "nsStyleStruct.h"
#include "mozilla/WritingModes.h"
// XXX Avoid including this here by moving function bodies to the cpp file
#include "mozilla/dom/Element.h"
namespace mozilla {
enum class FlushType : uint8_t;
enum class PseudoStyleType : uint8_t;
namespace dom {
class DocGroup;
class Element;
} // namespace dom
class PresShell;
struct ComputedGridTrackInfo;
} // namespace mozilla
struct ComputedStyleMap;
struct nsCSSKTableEntry;
class nsIFrame;
class nsDOMCSSValueList;
struct nsMargin;
class nsROCSSPrimitiveValue;
class nsStyleGradient;
class nsComputedDOMStyle final : public nsDOMCSSDeclaration,
public nsStubMutationObserver {
// Convenience typedefs:
template <typename T>
using Span = mozilla::Span<T>;
using KTableEntry = nsCSSKTableEntry;
using CSSValue = mozilla::dom::CSSValue;
using StyleGeometryBox = mozilla::StyleGeometryBox;
using Element = mozilla::dom::Element;
using Document = mozilla::dom::Document;
using PseudoStyleType = mozilla::PseudoStyleType;
using LengthPercentage = mozilla::LengthPercentage;
using LengthPercentageOrAuto = mozilla::LengthPercentageOrAuto;
using ComputedStyle = mozilla::ComputedStyle;
nsComputedDOMStyle, nsICSSDeclaration)
void GetPropertyValue(const nsCSSPropertyID aPropID,
nsACString& aValue) override;
void SetPropertyValue(const nsCSSPropertyID aPropID, const nsACString& aValue,
nsIPrincipal* aSubjectPrincipal,
mozilla::ErrorResult& aRv) override;
void IndexedGetter(uint32_t aIndex, bool& aFound,
nsACString& aPropName) final;
enum class StyleType : uint8_t {
DefaultOnly, // Only includes UA and user sheets
All // Includes all stylesheets
// In some cases, for legacy reasons, we forcefully return an empty style.
enum class AlwaysReturnEmptyStyle : bool { No, Yes };
nsComputedDOMStyle(Element*, PseudoStyleType,
nsAtom* aFunctionalPseudoParameter, Document*, StyleType,
AlwaysReturnEmptyStyle = AlwaysReturnEmptyStyle::No);
nsINode* GetAssociatedNode() const override { return mElement; }
nsINode* GetParentObject() const override { return mElement; }
static already_AddRefed<const ComputedStyle> GetComputedStyle(
Element* aElement, PseudoStyleType = PseudoStyleType::NotPseudo,
nsAtom* aFunctionalPseudoParameter = nullptr, StyleType = StyleType::All);
static already_AddRefed<const ComputedStyle> GetComputedStyleNoFlush(
const Element* aElement,
PseudoStyleType aPseudo = PseudoStyleType::NotPseudo,
nsAtom* aFunctionalPseudoParameter = nullptr,
StyleType aStyleType = StyleType::All) {
return DoGetComputedStyleNoFlush(
aElement, aPseudo, aFunctionalPseudoParameter,
nsContentUtils::GetPresShellForContent(aElement), aStyleType);
static already_AddRefed<const ComputedStyle>
Element*, PseudoStyleType = PseudoStyleType::NotPseudo,
nsAtom* aFunctionalPseudoParameter = nullptr);
// Helper for nsDOMWindowUtils::GetVisitedDependentComputedStyle
void SetExposeVisitedStyle(bool aExpose) {
NS_ASSERTION(aExpose != mExposeVisitedStyle, "should always be changing");
mExposeVisitedStyle = aExpose;
float UsedFontSize() final;
void GetCSSImageURLs(const nsACString& aPropertyName,
nsTArray<nsCString>& aImageURLs,
mozilla::ErrorResult& aRv) final;
// nsDOMCSSDeclaration abstract methods which should never be called
// on a nsComputedDOMStyle object, but must be defined to avoid
// compile errors.
mozilla::DeclarationBlock* GetOrCreateCSSDeclaration(
Operation aOperation, mozilla::DeclarationBlock** aCreated) final;
virtual nsresult SetCSSDeclaration(mozilla::DeclarationBlock*,
mozilla::MutationClosureData*) override;
virtual mozilla::dom::Document* DocToUpdate() final;
nsDOMCSSDeclaration::ParsingEnvironment GetParsingEnvironment(
nsIPrincipal* aSubjectPrincipal) const final;
static already_AddRefed<nsROCSSPrimitiveValue> MatrixToCSSValue(
const mozilla::gfx::Matrix4x4& aMatrix);
static void RegisterPrefChangeCallbacks();
static void UnregisterPrefChangeCallbacks();
// nsIMutationObserver
already_AddRefed<nsROCSSPrimitiveValue> AppUnitsToCSSValue(nscoord);
already_AddRefed<nsROCSSPrimitiveValue> PixelsToCSSValue(float);
void SetValueToPixels(nsROCSSPrimitiveValue*, float);
void GetPropertyValue(const nsCSSPropertyID aPropID,
const nsACString& aMaybeCustomPropertyNme,
nsACString& aValue);
using nsDOMCSSDeclaration::GetPropertyValue;
virtual ~nsComputedDOMStyle();
void AssertFlushedPendingReflows() {
"property getter should have been marked layout-dependent");
nsMargin GetAdjustedValuesForBoxSizing();
// This indicates error by leaving mComputedStyle null.
void UpdateCurrentStyleSources(nsCSSPropertyID);
void ClearCurrentStyleSources();
// Helper functions called by UpdateCurrentStyleSources.
void ClearComputedStyle();
void SetResolvedComputedStyle(RefPtr<const ComputedStyle>&& aContext,
uint64_t aGeneration);
void SetFrameComputedStyle(ComputedStyle* aStyle, uint64_t aGeneration);
static already_AddRefed<const ComputedStyle> DoGetComputedStyleNoFlush(
const Element*, PseudoStyleType, nsAtom* aFunctionalPseudoParameter,
mozilla::PresShell*, StyleType);
#define STYLE_STRUCT(name_) \
const nsStyle##name_* Style##name_() { \
return mComputedStyle->Style##name_(); \
#include "nsStyleStructList.h"
* A method to get a percentage base for a percentage value. Returns true
* if a percentage base value was determined, false otherwise.
typedef bool (nsComputedDOMStyle::*PercentageBaseGetter)(nscoord&);
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> GetOffsetWidthFor(mozilla::Side);
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> GetAbsoluteOffset(mozilla::Side);
nscoord GetUsedAbsoluteOffset(mozilla::Side);
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> GetNonStaticPositionOffset(
mozilla::Side aSide, bool aResolveAuto, PercentageBaseGetter aWidthGetter,
PercentageBaseGetter aHeightGetter);
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> GetStaticOffset(mozilla::Side aSide);
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> GetPaddingWidthFor(mozilla::Side aSide);
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> GetBorderWidthFor(mozilla::Side aSide);
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> GetMarginFor(mozilla::Side aSide);
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> GetTransformValue(const mozilla::StyleTransform&);
already_AddRefed<nsROCSSPrimitiveValue> GetGridTrackSize(
const mozilla::StyleTrackSize&);
already_AddRefed<nsROCSSPrimitiveValue> GetGridTrackBreadth(
const mozilla::StyleTrackBreadth&);
void SetValueToTrackBreadth(nsROCSSPrimitiveValue*,
const mozilla::StyleTrackBreadth&);
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> GetGridTemplateColumnsRows(
const mozilla::StyleGridTemplateComponent& aTrackList,
const mozilla::ComputedGridTrackInfo& aTrackInfo);
bool GetLineHeightCoord(nscoord& aCoord);
bool ShouldHonorMinSizeAutoInAxis(mozilla::PhysicalAxis aAxis);
/* Properties queryable as CSSValues.
* To avoid a name conflict with nsIDOM*CSS2Properties, these are all
* DoGetXXX instead of GetXXX.
/* Box properties */
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetWidth();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetHeight();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetMaxHeight();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetMaxWidth();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetMinHeight();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetMinWidth();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetLeft();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetTop();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetRight();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetBottom();
/* Font properties */
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetMozOsxFontSmoothing();
/* Grid properties */
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetGridTemplateColumns();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetGridTemplateRows();
/* StyleImageLayer properties */
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetImageLayerPosition(
const nsStyleImageLayers& aLayers);
/* Padding properties */
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetPaddingTop();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetPaddingBottom();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetPaddingLeft();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetPaddingRight();
/* Table Properties */
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetBorderSpacing();
/* Border Properties */
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetBorderTopWidth();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetBorderBottomWidth();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetBorderLeftWidth();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetBorderRightWidth();
/* Margin Properties */
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetMarginTop();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetMarginBottom();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetMarginLeft();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetMarginRight();
/* Display properties */
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetTransform();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetTransformOrigin();
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DoGetPerspectiveOrigin();
// For working around a MSVC bug. See related comment in
already_AddRefed<CSSValue> DummyGetter();
/* Helper functions */
void SetValueToPosition(const mozilla::Position& aPosition,
nsDOMCSSValueList* aValueList);
void SetValueFromFitContentFunction(nsROCSSPrimitiveValue* aValue,
const mozilla::LengthPercentage&);
void SetValueToSize(nsROCSSPrimitiveValue* aValue, const mozilla::StyleSize&);
void SetValueToLengthPercentageOrAuto(nsROCSSPrimitiveValue* aValue,
const LengthPercentageOrAuto&,
bool aClampNegativeCalc);
void SetValueToLengthPercentage(nsROCSSPrimitiveValue* aValue,
const LengthPercentage&,
bool aClampNegativeCalc);
void SetValueToMaxSize(nsROCSSPrimitiveValue* aValue,
const mozilla::StyleMaxSize&);
bool GetCBContentWidth(nscoord& aWidth);
bool GetCBContentHeight(nscoord& aHeight);
bool GetCBPaddingRectWidth(nscoord& aWidth);
bool GetCBPaddingRectHeight(nscoord& aHeight);
bool GetScrollFrameContentWidth(nscoord& aWidth);
bool GetScrollFrameContentHeight(nscoord& aHeight);
bool GetFrameBorderRectWidth(nscoord& aWidth);
bool GetFrameBorderRectHeight(nscoord& aHeight);
// Find out if we can safely skip flushing (i.e. pending restyles do not
// affect our element).
bool NeedsToFlushStyle(nsCSSPropertyID) const;
// Find out if we need to flush layout of the document, depending on the
// property that was requested.
bool NeedsToFlushLayout(nsCSSPropertyID) const;
// Find out if we need to flush layout of the document due to container
// query being made before relevant query containers are reflowed at least
// once.
bool NeedsToFlushLayoutForContainerQuery() const;
// Flushes the given document, which must be our document, and potentially the
// mElement's document.
void Flush(Document&, mozilla::FlushType);
nsIFrame* GetOuterFrame() const;
static ComputedStyleMap* GetComputedStyleMap();
// We don't really have a good immutable representation of "presentation".
// Given the way GetComputedStyle is currently used, we should just grab the
// presshell, if any, from the document.
mozilla::WeakPtr<mozilla::dom::Document> mDocumentWeak;
RefPtr<Element> mElement;
* Strong reference to the ComputedStyle we access data from. This can be
* either a ComputedStyle we resolved ourselves or a ComputedStyle we got
* from our frame.
* If we got the ComputedStyle from the frame, we clear out mComputedStyle
* in ClearCurrentStyleSources. If we resolved one ourselves, then
* ClearCurrentStyleSources leaves it in mComputedStyle for use the next
* time this nsComputedDOMStyle object is queried. UpdateCurrentStyleSources
* in this case will check that the ComputedStyle is still valid to be used,
* by checking whether flush styles results in any restyles having been
* processed.
RefPtr<const ComputedStyle> mComputedStyle;
* While computing style data, the primary frame for mContent --- named
* "outer" because we should use it to compute positioning data. Null
* otherwise.
nsIFrame* mOuterFrame;
* While computing style data, the "inner frame" for mContent --- the frame
* which we should use to compute margin, border, padding and content data.
* Null otherwise.
nsIFrame* mInnerFrame;
* While computing style data, the presshell we're working with. Null
* otherwise.
mozilla::PresShell* mPresShell;
PseudoStyleType mPseudo;
RefPtr<nsAtom> mFunctionalPseudoParameter;
/* The kind of styles we should be returning. */
StyleType mStyleType;
/* Whether for legacy reasons we return an empty style (when an unknown
* pseudo-element is specified) */
AlwaysReturnEmptyStyle mAlwaysReturnEmpty;
* The nsComputedDOMStyle generation at the time we last resolved a style
* context and stored it in mComputedStyle, and the pres shell we got the
* style from. Should only be used together.
uint64_t mComputedStyleGeneration = 0;
uint32_t mPresShellId = 0;
bool mExposeVisitedStyle = false;
* Whether we resolved a ComputedStyle last time we called
* UpdateCurrentStyleSources. Initially false.
bool mResolvedComputedStyle = false;
#ifdef DEBUG
bool mFlushedPendingReflows = false;
friend struct ComputedStyleMap;
already_AddRefed<nsComputedDOMStyle> NS_NewComputedDOMStyle(
mozilla::dom::Element*, const nsAString& aPseudoElt,
mozilla::dom::Document*, nsComputedDOMStyle::StyleType,
#endif /* nsComputedDOMStyle_h__ */