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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef mozilla_css_SheetLoadData_h
#define mozilla_css_SheetLoadData_h
#include "mozilla/css/Loader.h"
#include "mozilla/css/SheetParsingMode.h"
#include "mozilla/Encoding.h"
#include "mozilla/PreloaderBase.h"
#include "mozilla/SharedSubResourceCache.h"
#include "mozilla/NotNull.h"
#include "nsProxyRelease.h"
namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {
enum class FetchPriority : uint8_t;
} // namespace dom
class AsyncEventDispatcher;
class StyleSheet;
} // namespace mozilla
class nsICSSLoaderObserver;
class nsINode;
class nsIPrincipal;
class nsIURI;
class nsIReferrerInfo;
namespace mozilla::css {
* Data needed to properly load a stylesheet *
static_assert(eAuthorSheetFeatures == 0 && eUserSheetFeatures == 1 &&
eAgentSheetFeatures == 2,
"sheet parsing mode constants won't fit "
"in SheetLoadData::mParsingMode");
enum class SyncLoad : bool { No, Yes };
class SheetLoadData final
: public PreloaderBase,
public SharedSubResourceCacheLoadingValueBase<SheetLoadData> {
using MediaMatched = dom::LinkStyle::MediaMatched;
using IsAlternate = dom::LinkStyle::IsAlternate;
using UseSystemPrincipal = css::Loader::UseSystemPrincipal;
virtual ~SheetLoadData();
static void PrioritizeAsPreload(nsIChannel* aChannel);
// If this is a deferred load, start it now.
void StartPendingLoad();
// Data for loading a sheet linked from a document
SheetLoadData(css::Loader*, const nsAString& aTitle, nsIURI*, StyleSheet*,
SyncLoad, nsINode* aOwningNode, IsAlternate, MediaMatched,
StylePreloadKind, nsICSSLoaderObserver* aObserver,
nsIPrincipal* aTriggeringPrincipal, nsIReferrerInfo*,
const nsAString& aNonce, dom::FetchPriority aFetchPriority);
// Data for loading a sheet linked from an @import rule
SheetLoadData(css::Loader*, nsIURI*, StyleSheet*, SheetLoadData* aParentData,
nsICSSLoaderObserver* aObserver,
nsIPrincipal* aTriggeringPrincipal, nsIReferrerInfo*);
// Data for loading a non-document sheet
SheetLoadData(css::Loader*, nsIURI*, StyleSheet*, SyncLoad,
UseSystemPrincipal, StylePreloadKind,
const Encoding* aPreloadEncoding,
nsICSSLoaderObserver* aObserver,
nsIPrincipal* aTriggeringPrincipal, nsIReferrerInfo*,
const nsAString& aNonce, dom::FetchPriority aFetchPriority);
nsIReferrerInfo* ReferrerInfo() const { return mReferrerInfo; }
const nsString& Nonce() const { return mNonce; }
already_AddRefed<AsyncEventDispatcher> PrepareLoadEventIfNeeded();
NotNull<const Encoding*> DetermineNonBOMEncoding(const nsACString& aSegment,
nsIChannel*) const;
// The caller may have the bytes for the stylesheet split across two strings,
// so aBytes1 and aBytes2 refer to those pieces.
nsresult VerifySheetReadyToParse(nsresult aStatus, const nsACString& aBytes1,
const nsACString& aBytes2,
nsIChannel* aChannel,
nsIURI* aFinalChannelURI,
nsIPrincipal* aPrincipal);
css::Loader& Loader() { return *mLoader; }
void DidCancelLoad() { mIsCancelled = true; }
// Hold a ref to the CSSLoader so we can call back to it to let it
// know the load finished
const RefPtr<css::Loader> mLoader;
// Title needed to pull datas out of the pending datas table when
// the preferred title is changed
const nsString mTitle;
// The encoding we decided to use for the sheet
const Encoding* mEncoding;
// URI we're loading. Null for inline or constructable sheets.
nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> mURI;
// The sheet we're loading data for
const RefPtr<StyleSheet> mSheet;
// Load data for the sheet that @import-ed us if we were @import-ed
// during the parse
const RefPtr<SheetLoadData> mParentData;
// The expiration time of the channel that has loaded this data, if
// applicable.
uint32_t mExpirationTime = 0;
// Number of sheets we @import-ed that are still loading
uint32_t mPendingChildren;
// mSyncLoad is true when the load needs to be synchronous.
// For LoadSheetSync, <link> to chrome stylesheets in UA Widgets,
// and children of sync loads.
const bool mSyncLoad : 1;
// mIsNonDocumentSheet is true if the load was triggered by LoadSheetSync or
// LoadSheet or an @import from such a sheet. Non-document sheet loads can
// proceed even if we have no document.
const bool mIsNonDocumentSheet : 1;
// Whether this stylesheet is for a child sheet load. This is necessary
// because the sheet could be detached mid-load by CSSOM.
const bool mIsChildSheet : 1;
// mIsBeingParsed is true if this stylesheet is currently being parsed.
bool mIsBeingParsed : 1;
// mIsLoading is set to true when a sheet load is initiated. This field is
// also used by the SharedSubResourceCache to avoid having multiple loads for
// the same resource.
bool mIsLoading : 1;
// mIsCancelled is set to true when a sheet load is stopped by
// Stop() or StopLoadingSheet() (which was removed in Bug 556446).
// SheetLoadData::OnStreamComplete() checks this to avoid parsing
// sheets that have been cancelled and such.
bool mIsCancelled : 1;
// mMustNotify is true if the load data is being loaded async and the original
// function call that started the load has returned.
// This applies only to observer notifications; load/error events are fired
// for any SheetLoadData that has a non-null owner node (though mMustNotify is
// used to avoid an event loop round-trip in that case).
bool mMustNotify : 1;
// Whether we had an owner node at the point of creation. This allows
// differentiating between "Link" header stylesheets and LinkStyle-owned
// stylesheets.
const bool mHadOwnerNode : 1;
// mWasAlternate is true if the sheet was an alternate
// ( when the load data was
// created.
const bool mWasAlternate : 1;
// mMediaMatched is true if the sheet matched its medialist when the load data
// was created.
const bool mMediaMatched : 1;
// mUseSystemPrincipal is true if the system principal should be used for
// this sheet, no matter what the channel principal is. Only true for sync
// loads.
const bool mUseSystemPrincipal : 1;
// If true, this SheetLoadData is being used as a way to handle
// async observer notification for an already-complete sheet.
bool mSheetAlreadyComplete : 1;
// If true, the sheet is being loaded cross-origin without CORS permissions.
// This is completely normal and CORS isn't needed for such loads. This
// flag is simply useful in determining whether to set mBlockResourceTiming
// for a child sheet.
bool mIsCrossOriginNoCORS : 1;
// If this flag is true, LoadSheet will call SetReportResourceTiming(false)
// on the timedChannel. This is to mark resources that are loaded by a
// cross-origin stylesheet with a no-cors policy.
bool mBlockResourceTiming : 1;
// Boolean flag indicating whether the load has failed. This will be set
// to true if this load, or the load of any descendant import, fails.
bool mLoadFailed : 1;
// Whether this is a preload, and which kind of preload it is.
// TODO(emilio): This can become a bitfield once we build with a GCC version
// which causes a false positive warning here.
const StylePreloadKind mPreloadKind;
nsINode* GetRequestingNode() const;
// The observer that wishes to be notified of load completion
nsCOMPtr<nsICSSLoaderObserver> mObserver;
// The principal that identifies who started loading us.
const nsCOMPtr<nsIPrincipal> mTriggeringPrincipal;
// Referrer info of the load.
const nsCOMPtr<nsIReferrerInfo> mReferrerInfo;
// The cryptographic nonce of the load used for CSP checks.
const nsString mNonce;
const dom::FetchPriority mFetchPriority;
// The encoding guessed from attributes and the document character set.
const NotNull<const Encoding*> mGuessedEncoding;
// The quirks mode of the loader at the time the load was triggered.
const nsCompatibility mCompatMode;
// Whether SheetComplete was called.
bool mSheetCompleteCalled = false;
// Whether we intentionally are not calling SheetComplete because nobody is
// listening for the load.
bool mIntentionallyDropped = false;
// The start timestamp for the load.
TimeStamp mLoadStart;
const bool mRecordErrors;
bool ShouldDefer() const { return mWasAlternate || !mMediaMatched; }
RefPtr<StyleSheet> ValueForCache() const;
uint32_t ExpirationTime() const { return mExpirationTime; }
// If there are no child sheets outstanding, mark us as complete.
// Otherwise, the children are holding strong refs to the data
// and will call SheetComplete() on it when they complete.
void SheetFinishedParsingAsync() {
mIsBeingParsed = false;
if (!mPendingChildren) {
mLoader->SheetComplete(*this, NS_OK);
bool IsPreload() const { return mPreloadKind != StylePreloadKind::None; }
bool IsLinkRelPreload() const { return css::IsLinkRelPreload(mPreloadKind); }
bool BlocksLoadEvent() const {
const auto& root = RootLoadData();
return !root.IsLinkRelPreload() && !root.IsSyncLoad();
bool IsSyncLoad() const override { return mSyncLoad; }
bool IsLoading() const override { return mIsLoading; }
bool IsCancelled() const override { return mIsCancelled; }
void StartLoading() override;
void SetLoadCompleted() override;
void Cancel() override { mIsCancelled = true; }
void AccumulateExpirationTime(uint32_t aExpirationTime) {
// 0 means "doesn't expire".
// Otherwise, calculate the minimum value.
if (aExpirationTime == 0) {
if (mExpirationTime == 0 || aExpirationTime < mExpirationTime) {
mExpirationTime = aExpirationTime;
const SheetLoadData& RootLoadData() const {
const auto* top = this;
while (top->mParentData) {
top = top->mParentData;
return *top;
using SheetLoadDataHolder = nsMainThreadPtrHolder<SheetLoadData>;
} // namespace mozilla::css
#endif // mozilla_css_SheetLoadData_h