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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
/* loading of CSS style sheets using the network APIs */
#ifndef mozilla_css_Loader_h
#define mozilla_css_Loader_h
#include <tuple>
#include <utility>
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "mozilla/CORSMode.h"
#include "mozilla/css/StylePreloadKind.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/LinkStyle.h"
#include "mozilla/MemoryReporting.h"
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"
#include "nsCompatibility.h"
#include "nsCycleCollectionParticipant.h"
#include "nsStringFwd.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "nsTObserverArray.h"
#include "nsURIHashKey.h"
#include "nsRefPtrHashtable.h"
class nsICSSLoaderObserver;
class nsIConsoleReportCollector;
class nsIContent;
class nsIPrincipal;
namespace mozilla {
class PreloadHashKey;
class SharedStyleSheetCache;
class SheetLoadDataHashKey;
class StyleSheet;
namespace dom {
class DocGroup;
class Element;
enum class FetchPriority : uint8_t;
} // namespace dom
// The load data for a <link> or @import style-sheet.
// This must contain all the state that affects CSS parsing.
class SheetLoadDataHashKey : public PLDHashEntryHdr {
using KeyType = const SheetLoadDataHashKey&;
using KeyTypePointer = const SheetLoadDataHashKey*;
explicit SheetLoadDataHashKey(const SheetLoadDataHashKey* aKey)
: mURI(aKey->mURI),
mIsLinkRelPreload(aKey->mIsLinkRelPreload) {
SheetLoadDataHashKey(nsIURI* aURI, nsIPrincipal* aPrincipal,
nsIPrincipal* aLoaderPrincipal,
nsIPrincipal* aPartitionPrincipal,
NotNull<const Encoding*> aEncodingGuess,
CORSMode aCORSMode, css::SheetParsingMode aParsingMode,
nsCompatibility aCompatMode,
const dom::SRIMetadata& aSRIMetadata,
css::StylePreloadKind aPreloadKind)
: mURI(aURI),
mIsLinkRelPreload(IsLinkRelPreload(aPreloadKind)) {
SheetLoadDataHashKey(SheetLoadDataHashKey&& toMove)
: mURI(std::move(toMove.mURI)),
mIsLinkRelPreload(std::move(toMove.mIsLinkRelPreload)) {
explicit SheetLoadDataHashKey(const css::SheetLoadData&);
const SheetLoadDataHashKey& GetKey() const { return *this; }
const SheetLoadDataHashKey* GetKeyPointer() const { return this; }
bool KeyEquals(const SheetLoadDataHashKey* aKey) const {
return KeyEquals(*aKey);
bool KeyEquals(const SheetLoadDataHashKey&) const;
static const SheetLoadDataHashKey* KeyToPointer(
const SheetLoadDataHashKey& aKey) {
return &aKey;
static PLDHashNumber HashKey(const SheetLoadDataHashKey* aKey) {
return nsURIHashKey::HashKey(aKey->mURI);
nsIURI* URI() const { return mURI; }
nsIPrincipal* Principal() const { return mPrincipal; }
nsIPrincipal* LoaderPrincipal() const { return mLoaderPrincipal; }
nsIPrincipal* PartitionPrincipal() const { return mPartitionPrincipal; }
css::SheetParsingMode ParsingMode() const { return mParsingMode; }
enum { ALLOW_MEMMOVE = true };
const nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> mURI;
const nsCOMPtr<nsIPrincipal> mPrincipal;
const nsCOMPtr<nsIPrincipal> mLoaderPrincipal;
const nsCOMPtr<nsIPrincipal> mPartitionPrincipal;
// The encoding guess is the encoding the sheet would get if the request
// didn't have any encoding information like @charset or a Content-Encoding
// header.
const NotNull<const Encoding*> mEncodingGuess;
const CORSMode mCORSMode;
const css::SheetParsingMode mParsingMode;
const nsCompatibility mCompatMode;
dom::SRIMetadata mSRIMetadata;
const bool mIsLinkRelPreload;
namespace css {
class SheetLoadData;
class ImportRule;
* Style sheet reuse *
class MOZ_RAII LoaderReusableStyleSheets {
LoaderReusableStyleSheets() = default;
* Look for a reusable sheet (see AddReusableSheet) matching the
* given URL. If found, set aResult, remove the reused sheet from
* the internal list, and return true. If not found, return false;
* in this case, aResult is not modified.
* @param aURL the url to match
* @param aResult [out] the style sheet which can be reused
bool FindReusableStyleSheet(nsIURI* aURL, RefPtr<StyleSheet>& aResult);
* Indicate that a certain style sheet is available for reuse if its
* URI matches the URI of an @import. Sheets should be added in the
* opposite order in which they are intended to be reused.
* @param aSheet the sheet which can be reused
void AddReusableSheet(StyleSheet* aSheet) {
LoaderReusableStyleSheets(const LoaderReusableStyleSheets&) = delete;
LoaderReusableStyleSheets& operator=(const LoaderReusableStyleSheets&) =
// The sheets that can be reused.
nsTArray<RefPtr<StyleSheet>> mReusableSheets;
class Loader final {
using ReferrerPolicy = dom::ReferrerPolicy;
using Completed = dom::LinkStyle::Completed;
using HasAlternateRel = dom::LinkStyle::HasAlternateRel;
using IsAlternate = dom::LinkStyle::IsAlternate;
using IsInline = dom::LinkStyle::IsInline;
using IsExplicitlyEnabled = dom::LinkStyle::IsExplicitlyEnabled;
using MediaMatched = dom::LinkStyle::MediaMatched;
using LoadSheetResult = dom::LinkStyle::Update;
using SheetInfo = dom::LinkStyle::SheetInfo;
// aDocGroup is used for dispatching SheetLoadData in PostLoadEvent(). It
// can be null if you want to use this constructor, and there's no
// document when the Loader is constructed.
explicit Loader(dom::DocGroup*);
explicit Loader(dom::Document*);
// Private destructor, to discourage deletion outside of Release():
void DropDocumentReference(); // notification that doc is going away
void DeregisterFromSheetCache();
void RegisterInSheetCache();
void SetCompatibilityMode(nsCompatibility aCompatMode) {
mDocumentCompatMode = aCompatMode;
using StylePreloadKind = css::StylePreloadKind;
bool HasLoaded(const SheetLoadDataHashKey& aKey) const {
return mLoadsPerformed.Contains(aKey);
void WillStartPendingLoad() {
MOZ_DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERT(mPendingLoadCount, "Where did this load come from?");
nsCompatibility CompatMode(StylePreloadKind aPreloadKind) const {
// For Link header preload, we guess non-quirks, because otherwise it is
// useless for modern pages.
// Link element preload is generally good because the speculative html
// parser deals with quirks mode properly.
if (aPreloadKind == StylePreloadKind::FromLinkRelPreloadHeader) {
return eCompatibility_FullStandards;
return mDocumentCompatMode;
// TODO(emilio): Is the complexity of this method and carrying the titles
// around worth it? The alternate sheets will load anyhow eventually...
void DocumentStyleSheetSetChanged();
// XXXbz sort out what the deal is with events! When should they fire?
* Load an inline style sheet. If a successful result is returned and
* result.WillNotify() is true, then aObserver is guaranteed to be notified
* asynchronously once the sheet is marked complete. If an error is
* returned, or if result.WillNotify() is false, aObserver will not be
* notified. In addition to parsing the sheet, this method will insert it
* into the stylesheet list of this CSSLoader's document.
* @param aObserver the observer to notify when the load completes.
* May be null.
* @param aBuffer the stylesheet data
Result<LoadSheetResult, nsresult> LoadInlineStyle(
const SheetInfo&, const nsAString& aBuffer,
nsICSSLoaderObserver* aObserver);
* Load a linked (document) stylesheet. If a successful result is returned,
* aObserver is guaranteed to be notified asynchronously once the sheet is
* loaded and marked complete, i.e., result.WillNotify() will always return
* true. If an error is returned, aObserver will not be notified. In
* addition to loading the sheet, this method will insert it into the
* stylesheet list of this CSSLoader's document.
* @param aObserver the observer to notify when the load completes.
* May be null.
Result<LoadSheetResult, nsresult> LoadStyleLink(
const SheetInfo&, nsICSSLoaderObserver* aObserver);
* Load a child (@import-ed) style sheet. In addition to loading the sheet,
* this method will insert it into the child sheet list of aParentSheet. If
* there is no sheet currently being parsed and the child sheet is not
* complete when this method returns, then when the child sheet becomes
* complete aParentSheet will be QIed to nsICSSLoaderObserver and
* asynchronously notified, just like for LoadStyleLink. Note that if the
* child sheet is already complete when this method returns, no
* nsICSSLoaderObserver notification will be sent.
* @param aParentSheet the parent of this child sheet
* @param aParentData the SheetLoadData corresponding to the load of the
* parent sheet. May be null for @import rules inserted via
* @param aURL the URL of the child sheet
* @param aMedia the already-parsed media list for the child sheet
* @param aSavedSheets any saved style sheets which could be reused
* for this load
nsresult LoadChildSheet(StyleSheet& aParentSheet, SheetLoadData* aParentData,
nsIURI* aURL, dom::MediaList* aMedia,
LoaderReusableStyleSheets* aSavedSheets);
* Called when we hit the internal memory cache with a complete stylesheet.
void DidHitCompleteSheetCache(const SheetLoadDataHashKey&,
const StyleUseCounters* aCounters);
enum class UseSystemPrincipal { No, Yes };
* Synchronously load and return the stylesheet at aURL. Any child sheets
* will also be loaded synchronously. Note that synchronous loads over some
* protocols may involve spinning up a new event loop, so use of this method
* does NOT guarantee not receiving any events before the sheet loads. This
* method can be used to load sheets not associated with a document.
* @param aURL the URL of the sheet to load
* @param aParsingMode the mode in which to parse the sheet
* (see comments at enum SheetParsingMode, above).
* @param aUseSystemPrincipal if true, give the resulting sheet the system
* principal no matter where it's being loaded from.
* NOTE: At the moment, this method assumes the sheet will be UTF-8, but
* ideally it would allow arbitrary encodings. Callers should NOT depend on
* non-UTF8 sheets being treated as UTF-8 by this method.
* NOTE: A successful return from this method doesn't indicate anything about
* whether the data could be parsed as CSS and doesn't indicate anything
* about the status of child sheets of the returned sheet.
Result<RefPtr<StyleSheet>, nsresult> LoadSheetSync(
nsIURI*, SheetParsingMode = eAuthorSheetFeatures,
UseSystemPrincipal = UseSystemPrincipal::No);
* Asynchronously load the stylesheet at aURL. If a successful result is
* returned, aObserver is guaranteed to be notified asynchronously once the
* sheet is loaded and marked complete. This method can be used to load
* sheets not associated with a document.
* @param aURL the URL of the sheet to load
* @param aParsingMode the mode in which to parse the sheet
* (see comments at enum SheetParsingMode, above).
* @param aUseSystemPrincipal if true, give the resulting sheet the system
* principal no matter where it's being loaded from.
* @param aReferrerInfo referrer information of the sheet.
* @param aObserver the observer to notify when the load completes.
* Must not be null.
* @param aEarlyHintPreloaderId to connect back to the early hint preload
* channel. Null means no connect back should happen
* @return the sheet to load. Note that the sheet may well not be loaded by
* the time this method returns.
* NOTE: At the moment, this method assumes the sheet will be UTF-8, but
* ideally it would allow arbitrary encodings. Callers should NOT depend on
* non-UTF8 sheets being treated as UTF-8 by this method.
Result<RefPtr<StyleSheet>, nsresult> LoadSheet(
nsIURI* aURI, StylePreloadKind, const Encoding* aPreloadEncoding,
nsIReferrerInfo* aReferrerInfo, nsICSSLoaderObserver* aObserver,
uint64_t aEarlyHintPreloaderId, CORSMode aCORSMode,
const nsAString& aNonce, const nsAString& aIntegrity,
dom::FetchPriority aFetchPriority);
* As above, but without caring for a couple things.
* Only to be called by `PreloadedStyleSheet::PreloadAsync`.
Result<RefPtr<StyleSheet>, nsresult> LoadSheet(nsIURI*, SheetParsingMode,
* Stop loading all sheets. All nsICSSLoaderObservers involved will be
* notified with NS_BINDING_ABORTED as the status, possibly synchronously.
void Stop();
* nsresult Loader::StopLoadingSheet(nsIURI* aURL), which notifies the
* nsICSSLoaderObserver with NS_BINDING_ABORTED, was removed in Bug 556446.
* It can be found in revision 2c44a32052ad.
* Whether the loader is enabled or not.
* When disabled, processing of new styles is disabled and an attempt
* to do so will fail with a return code of
* NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE. Note that this DOES NOT disable
* currently loading styles or already processed styles.
bool GetEnabled() { return mEnabled; }
void SetEnabled(bool aEnabled) { mEnabled = aEnabled; }
uint32_t ParsedSheetCount() const { return mParsedSheetCount; }
* Get the document we live for. May return null.
dom::Document* GetDocument() const { return mDocument; }
bool IsDocumentAssociated() const { return mIsDocumentAssociated; }
* Return true if this loader has pending loads (ones that would send
* notifications to an nsICSSLoaderObserver attached to this loader).
* If called from inside nsICSSLoaderObserver::StyleSheetLoaded, this will
* return false if and only if that is the last StyleSheetLoaded
* notification the CSSLoader knows it's going to send. In other words, if
* two sheets load at once (via load coalescing, e.g.), HasPendingLoads()
* will return true during notification for the first one, and false
* during notification for the second one.
bool HasPendingLoads();
* Add an observer to this loader. The observer will be notified
* for all loads that would have notified their own observers (even
* if those loads don't have observers attached to them).
* Load-specific observers will be notified before generic
* observers. The loader holds a reference to the observer.
* aObserver must not be null.
void AddObserver(nsICSSLoaderObserver* aObserver);
* Remove an observer added via AddObserver.
void RemoveObserver(nsICSSLoaderObserver* aObserver);
// These interfaces are public only for the benefit of static functions
// within nsCSSLoader.cpp.
// IsAlternateSheet can change our currently selected style set if none is
// selected and aHasAlternateRel is false.
IsAlternate IsAlternateSheet(const nsAString& aTitle, bool aHasAlternateRel);
// Measure our size.
size_t SizeOfIncludingThis(MallocSizeOf aMallocSizeOf) const;
enum class SheetState : uint8_t {
NeedsParser = 0,
// The loader principal is the document's node principal, if this loader is
// owned by a document, or the system principal otherwise.
nsIPrincipal* LoaderPrincipal() const;
// The partitioned principal is the document's partitioned principal, if this
// loader is owned by a document, or the system principal otherwise.
nsIPrincipal* PartitionedPrincipal() const;
bool ShouldBypassCache() const;
enum class PendingLoad { No, Yes };
friend class mozilla::SharedStyleSheetCache;
friend class SheetLoadData;
friend class StreamLoader;
// Only to be called by `LoadSheet`.
[[nodiscard]] bool MaybeDeferLoad(SheetLoadData& aLoadData,
SheetState aSheetState,
PendingLoad aPendingLoad,
const SheetLoadDataHashKey& aKey);
// Only to be called by `LoadSheet`.
bool MaybeCoalesceLoadAndNotifyOpen(SheetLoadData& aLoadData,
SheetState aSheetState,
const SheetLoadDataHashKey& aKey,
const PreloadHashKey& aPreloadKey);
// Only to be called by `LoadSheet`.
[[nodiscard]] nsresult LoadSheetSyncInternal(SheetLoadData& aLoadData,
SheetState aSheetState);
void AdjustPriority(const SheetLoadData& aLoadData, nsIChannel* aChannel);
// Only to be called by `LoadSheet`.
[[nodiscard]] nsresult LoadSheetAsyncInternal(
SheetLoadData& aLoadData, uint64_t aEarlyHintPreloaderId,
const SheetLoadDataHashKey& aKey);
// Helpers to conditionally block onload if mDocument is non-null.
void IncrementOngoingLoadCountAndMaybeBlockOnload() {
if (!mOngoingLoadCount++) {
void DecrementOngoingLoadCountAndMaybeUnblockOnload() {
MOZ_DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERT(mOngoingLoadCount > mPendingLoadCount);
if (!--mOngoingLoadCount) {
void BlockOnload();
void UnblockOnload(bool aFireSync);
nsresult CheckContentPolicy(nsIPrincipal* aLoadingPrincipal,
nsIPrincipal* aTriggeringPrincipal,
nsIURI* aTargetURI, nsINode* aRequestingNode,
const nsAString& aNonce, StylePreloadKind);
std::tuple<RefPtr<StyleSheet>, SheetState> CreateSheet(
const SheetInfo& aInfo, css::SheetParsingMode aParsingMode,
bool aSyncLoad, css::StylePreloadKind aPreloadKind) {
nsIPrincipal* triggeringPrincipal = aInfo.mTriggeringPrincipal
? aInfo.mTriggeringPrincipal.get()
: LoaderPrincipal();
return CreateSheet(aInfo.mURI, aInfo.mContent, triggeringPrincipal,
aParsingMode, aInfo.mCORSMode,
/* aPreloadOrParentDataEncoding = */ nullptr,
aInfo.mIntegrity, aSyncLoad, aPreloadKind);
// For inline style, the aURI param is null, but the aLinkingContent
// must be non-null then. The loader principal must never be null
// if aURI is not null.
std::tuple<RefPtr<StyleSheet>, SheetState> CreateSheet(
nsIURI* aURI, nsIContent* aLinkingContent,
nsIPrincipal* aTriggeringPrincipal, css::SheetParsingMode, CORSMode,
const Encoding* aPreloadOrParentDataEncoding, const nsAString& aIntegrity,
bool aSyncLoad, StylePreloadKind);
// Pass in either a media string or the MediaList from the CSSParser. Don't
// pass both.
// This method will set the sheet's enabled state based on IsAlternate and co.
MediaMatched PrepareSheet(StyleSheet&, const nsAString& aTitle,
const nsAString& aMediaString, dom::MediaList*,
IsAlternate, IsExplicitlyEnabled);
// Inserts a style sheet in a document or a ShadowRoot.
void InsertSheetInTree(StyleSheet& aSheet);
// Inserts a style sheet into a parent style sheet.
void InsertChildSheet(StyleSheet& aSheet, StyleSheet& aParentSheet);
Result<RefPtr<StyleSheet>, nsresult> InternalLoadNonDocumentSheet(
nsIURI* aURL, StylePreloadKind, SheetParsingMode aParsingMode,
UseSystemPrincipal, const Encoding* aPreloadEncoding,
nsIReferrerInfo* aReferrerInfo, nsICSSLoaderObserver* aObserver,
CORSMode aCORSMode, const nsAString& aNonce, const nsAString& aIntegrity,
uint64_t aEarlyHintPreloaderId, dom::FetchPriority aFetchPriority);
RefPtr<StyleSheet> LookupInlineSheetInCache(const nsAString&, nsIPrincipal*);
// Synchronously notify of a cached load data.
void NotifyOfCachedLoad(RefPtr<SheetLoadData>);
// Start the loads of all the sheets in mPendingDatas
void StartDeferredLoads();
// Note: LoadSheet is responsible for setting the sheet to complete on
// failure.
nsresult LoadSheet(SheetLoadData&, SheetState, uint64_t aEarlyHintPreloaderId,
PendingLoad = PendingLoad::No);
enum class AllowAsyncParse {
// Parse the stylesheet in the load data.
// Returns whether the parse finished. It may not finish e.g. if the sheet had
// an @import.
// If this function returns Completed::Yes, then ParseSheet also called
// SheetComplete on aLoadData.
Completed ParseSheet(const nsACString&, const RefPtr<SheetLoadDataHolder>&,
// The load of the sheet in the load data is done, one way or another.
// Do final cleanup.
void SheetComplete(SheetLoadData&, nsresult);
// Notify observers on an individual data. This is different from
// SheetComplete for loads that are shared.
void NotifyObservers(SheetLoadData&, nsresult);
// Mark the given SheetLoadData, as well as any of its siblings, parents, etc
// transitively, as failed. The idea is to mark as failed any load that was
// directly or indirectly @importing the sheet this SheetLoadData represents.
// if aOnlyForLoader is non-null, then only loads for a given loader will be
// marked as failing. This is useful to only cancel loads associated to a
// given loader, in case they were marked as canceled.
static void MarkLoadTreeFailed(SheetLoadData&,
Loader* aOnlyForLoader = nullptr);
// A shorthand to mark a possible link preload as used to supress "unused"
// warning in the console.
void MaybeNotifyPreloadUsed(SheetLoadData&);
nsRefPtrHashtable<nsStringHashKey, StyleSheet> mInlineSheets;
// A set with all the different loads we've done in a given document, for the
// purpose of not posting duplicate performance entries for them.
nsTHashtable<const SheetLoadDataHashKey> mLoadsPerformed;
RefPtr<SharedStyleSheetCache> mSheets;
// Our array of "global" observers
nsTObserverArray<nsCOMPtr<nsICSSLoaderObserver>> mObservers;
// This reference is nulled by the Document in it's destructor through
// DropDocumentReference().
dom::Document* MOZ_NON_OWNING_REF mDocument; // the document we live for
// For dispatching events via DocGroup::Dispatch() when mDocument is nullptr.
RefPtr<dom::DocGroup> mDocGroup;
nsCompatibility mDocumentCompatMode;
nsCOMPtr<nsIConsoleReportCollector> mReporter;
// Number of datas for asynchronous sheet loads still waiting to be notified.
// This includes pending stylesheets whose load hasn't started yet but which
// we need to, but not inline or constructable stylesheets, though the
// constructable stylesheets bit may change, see bug 1642227.
uint32_t mOngoingLoadCount = 0;
// The number of sheets that have been deferred / are in a pending state.
uint32_t mPendingLoadCount = 0;
// The number of stylesheets that we have parsed, for testing purposes.
Atomic<uint32_t, MemoryOrdering::Relaxed> mParsedSheetCount{0};
bool mEnabled = true;
// Whether we had a document at the point of creation.
bool mIsDocumentAssociated = false;
#ifdef DEBUG
// Whether we're in a necko callback atm.
bool mSyncCallback = false;
} // namespace css
} // namespace mozilla
#endif /* mozilla_css_Loader_h */