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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
* representation of a declaration block in a CSS stylesheet, or of
* a style attribute
#ifndef mozilla_DeclarationBlock_h
#define mozilla_DeclarationBlock_h
#include "mozilla/Atomics.h"
#include "mozilla/ServoBindings.h"
#include "nsCSSPropertyID.h"
#include "nsString.h"
namespace mozilla {
class AttributeStyles;
namespace css {
class Declaration;
class Rule;
} // namespace css
class DeclarationBlock final {
DeclarationBlock(const DeclarationBlock& aCopy)
: mRaw(Servo_DeclarationBlock_Clone(aCopy.mRaw).Consume()),
mIsDirty(false) {
mContainer.mRaw = 0;
explicit DeclarationBlock(already_AddRefed<StyleLockedDeclarationBlock> aRaw)
: mRaw(aRaw), mImmutable(false), mIsDirty(false) {
mContainer.mRaw = 0;
: DeclarationBlock(Servo_DeclarationBlock_CreateEmpty().Consume()) {}
already_AddRefed<DeclarationBlock> Clone() const {
return do_AddRef(new DeclarationBlock(*this));
* Return whether |this| may be modified.
bool IsMutable() const { return !mImmutable; }
* Crash in debug builds if |this| cannot be modified.
void AssertMutable() const {
MOZ_ASSERT(IsMutable(), "someone forgot to call EnsureMutable");
MOZ_ASSERT(!OwnerIsReadOnly(), "User Agent sheets shouldn't be modified");
* Mark this declaration as unmodifiable.
void SetImmutable() { mImmutable = true; }
* Return whether |this| has been restyled after modified.
bool IsDirty() const { return mIsDirty; }
* Mark this declaration as dirty.
void SetDirty() { mIsDirty = true; }
* Mark this declaration as not dirty.
void UnsetDirty() { mIsDirty = false; }
* Copy |this|, if necessary to ensure that it can be modified.
already_AddRefed<DeclarationBlock> EnsureMutable() {
if (!IsDirty()) {
// In stylo, the old DeclarationBlock is stored in element's rule node
// tree directly, to avoid new values replacing the DeclarationBlock in
// the tree directly, we need to copy the old one here if we haven't yet
// copied. As a result the new value does not replace rule node tree until
// traversal happens.
// FIXME(emilio, bug 1606413): This is a hack for ::first-line and
// transitions starting due to CSSOM changes when other transitions are
// already running. Try to simplify this setup, so that rule tree updates
// find the mutated declaration block properly rather than having to
// insert the cloned declaration in the tree.
return Clone();
if (!IsMutable()) {
return Clone();
return do_AddRef(this);
void SetOwningRule(css::Rule* aRule) {
MOZ_ASSERT(!mContainer.mOwningRule || !aRule,
"should never overwrite one rule with another");
mContainer.mOwningRule = aRule;
css::Rule* GetOwningRule() const {
if (mContainer.mRaw & 0x1) {
return nullptr;
return mContainer.mOwningRule;
void SetAttributeStyles(AttributeStyles* aAttributeStyles) {
MOZ_ASSERT(!mContainer.mAttributeStyles || !aAttributeStyles,
"should never overwrite one sheet with another");
mContainer.mAttributeStyles = aAttributeStyles;
if (aAttributeStyles) {
mContainer.mRaw |= uintptr_t(1);
AttributeStyles* GetAttributeStyles() const {
if (!(mContainer.mRaw & 0x1)) {
return nullptr;
auto c = mContainer;
c.mRaw &= ~uintptr_t(1);
return c.mAttributeStyles;
bool IsReadOnly() const;
size_t SizeofIncludingThis(MallocSizeOf);
static already_AddRefed<DeclarationBlock> FromCssText(
const nsACString& aCssText, URLExtraData* aExtraData,
nsCompatibility aMode, css::Loader* aLoader, StyleCssRuleType aRuleType) {
RefPtr<StyleLockedDeclarationBlock> raw =
Servo_ParseStyleAttribute(&aCssText, aExtraData, aMode, aLoader,
return MakeAndAddRef<DeclarationBlock>(raw.forget());
static already_AddRefed<DeclarationBlock> FromCssText(
const nsAString& aCssText, URLExtraData* aExtraData,
nsCompatibility aMode, css::Loader* aLoader, StyleCssRuleType aRuleType) {
NS_ConvertUTF16toUTF8 value(aCssText);
return FromCssText(value, aExtraData, aMode, aLoader, aRuleType);
StyleLockedDeclarationBlock* Raw() const { return mRaw; }
void ToString(nsACString& aResult) const {
Servo_DeclarationBlock_GetCssText(mRaw, &aResult);
uint32_t Count() const { return Servo_DeclarationBlock_Count(mRaw); }
bool GetNthProperty(uint32_t aIndex, nsACString& aReturn) const {
return Servo_DeclarationBlock_GetNthProperty(mRaw, aIndex, &aReturn);
void GetPropertyValue(const nsACString& aProperty, nsACString& aValue) const {
Servo_DeclarationBlock_GetPropertyValue(mRaw, &aProperty, &aValue);
void GetPropertyValueByID(nsCSSPropertyID aPropID, nsACString& aValue) const {
Servo_DeclarationBlock_GetPropertyValueById(mRaw, aPropID, &aValue);
bool GetPropertyIsImportant(const nsACString& aProperty) const {
return Servo_DeclarationBlock_GetPropertyIsImportant(mRaw, &aProperty);
// Returns whether the property was removed.
bool RemoveProperty(const nsACString& aProperty,
DeclarationBlockMutationClosure aClosure = {}) {
return Servo_DeclarationBlock_RemoveProperty(mRaw, &aProperty, aClosure);
// Returns whether the property was removed.
bool RemovePropertyByID(nsCSSPropertyID aProperty,
DeclarationBlockMutationClosure aClosure = {}) {
return Servo_DeclarationBlock_RemovePropertyById(mRaw, aProperty, aClosure);
~DeclarationBlock() = default;
bool OwnerIsReadOnly() const;
union {
// We only ever have one of these since we have a AttributeStyles only for
// style attributes, and style attributes never have an owning rule. It's a
// AttributeStyles if the low bit is set.
uintptr_t mRaw;
// The style rule that owns this declaration. May be null.
css::Rule* mOwningRule;
// The AttributeStyles that is responsible for this declaration. Only
// non-null for style attributes.
AttributeStyles* mAttributeStyles;
} mContainer;
RefPtr<StyleLockedDeclarationBlock> mRaw;
// set when declaration put in the rule tree;
bool mImmutable;
// True if this declaration has not been restyled after modified.
// Since we can clear this flag from style worker threads, we use an Atomic.
// Note that although a single DeclarationBlock can be shared between
// different rule nodes (due to the style="" attribute cache), whenever a
// DeclarationBlock has its mIsDirty flag set to true, we always clone it to
// a unique object first. So when we clear this flag during Servo traversal,
// we know that we are clearing it on a DeclarationBlock that has a single
// reference, and there is no problem with another user of the same
// DeclarationBlock thinking that it is not dirty.
Atomic<bool, MemoryOrdering::Relaxed> mIsDirty;
} // namespace mozilla
#endif // mozilla_DeclarationBlock_h