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/* Sets of heights that trigger crash:
Get only an assert unless you set ".d { position: absolute; }".
Trigger hang (separate issue, absolute not needed):
10px/10px/999999px --> "bad height" notreached
#colset { width: 200px;
column-count: 3; }
#a { height: 100px; }
#b { height: 50px; }
#c { height: 51px; }
#d { position: absolute; }
function boom() {
document.getElementById('a').style.height = 'auto';
<!-- Removing whitespace in body for simpler frame trees -->
<body onload="setTimeout('boom()', 1000)"
><div id="colset"
><div id="a"></div
><div id="b"
><div id="c"></div
><div id="d"></div