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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef mozilla_ScrollPositionUpdate_h_
#define mozilla_ScrollPositionUpdate_h_
#include <cstdint>
#include <iosfwd>
#include "nsPoint.h"
#include "mozilla/ScrollGeneration.h"
#include "mozilla/ScrollOrigin.h"
#include "mozilla/ScrollSnapTargetId.h"
#include "mozilla/ScrollTypes.h"
#include "Units.h"
namespace IPC {
template <typename T>
struct ParamTraits;
} // namespace IPC
namespace mozilla {
enum class ScrollUpdateType {
// A scroll update to a specific destination, regardless of the current
// scroll position.
// A scroll update by a specific amount, based off a given starting scroll
// position. XXX Fold this into PureRelative, it should be relatively
// straightforward after bug 1655733.
// A scroll update by a specific amount, where only the delta is provided.
// The delta should be applied to whatever the current scroll position is
// on the receiver side.
enum class ScrollTriggeredByScript : bool { No, Yes };
* This class represents an update to the scroll position that is initiated by
* something on the main thread. A list of these classes is accumulated by
* scrollframes on the main thread, and the list is sent over as part of a
* paint transaction to the compositor. The compositor can then iterate through
* the scroll updates and apply/merge them with scrolling that has already
* occurred independently on the compositor side.
class ScrollPositionUpdate {
friend struct IPC::ParamTraits<mozilla::ScrollPositionUpdate>;
// Constructor for IPC use only.
explicit ScrollPositionUpdate();
// Create a ScrollPositionUpdate for a newly created (or reconstructed)
// scrollframe.
static ScrollPositionUpdate NewScrollframe(nsPoint aInitialPosition);
// Create a ScrollPositionUpdate for a new absolute/instant scroll, to
// the given destination.
static ScrollPositionUpdate NewScroll(ScrollOrigin aOrigin,
nsPoint aDestination);
// Create a ScrollPositionUpdate for a new relative/instant scroll, with
// the given source/destination.
static ScrollPositionUpdate NewRelativeScroll(nsPoint aSource,
nsPoint aDestination);
// Create a ScrollPositionUpdate for a new absolute/smooth scroll, which
// animates smoothly to the given destination from whatever the current
// scroll position is in the receiver.
// If the smooth operation involves snapping to |aDestination|,
// |aSnapTargetIds| has snap-target-ids for snapping. Once after this smooth
// scroll finished on the target APZC, the ids will be reported back to the
// main-thread as the last snap target ids which will be used for re-snapping
// to the same snapped element(s).
static ScrollPositionUpdate NewSmoothScroll(
ScrollMode aMode, ScrollOrigin aOrigin, nsPoint aDestination,
ScrollTriggeredByScript aTriggeredByScript,
UniquePtr<ScrollSnapTargetIds> aSnapTargetIds);
// Create a ScrollPositionUpdate for a new pure-relative scroll. The
// aMode parameter controls whether or not this is a smooth animation or
// instantaneous scroll.
static ScrollPositionUpdate NewPureRelativeScroll(ScrollOrigin aOrigin,
ScrollMode aMode,
const nsPoint& aDelta);
bool operator==(const ScrollPositionUpdate& aOther) const;
MainThreadScrollGeneration GetGeneration() const;
ScrollUpdateType GetType() const;
ScrollMode GetMode() const;
ScrollOrigin GetOrigin() const;
// GetDestination is only valid for Absolute and Relative types; it asserts
// otherwise.
CSSPoint GetDestination() const;
// GetSource is only valid for the Relative type; it asserts otherwise.
CSSPoint GetSource() const;
// GetDelta is only valid for the PureRelative type; it asserts otherwise.
CSSPoint GetDelta() const;
ScrollTriggeredByScript GetScrollTriggeredByScript() const {
return mTriggeredByScript;
bool WasTriggeredByScript() const {
return mTriggeredByScript == ScrollTriggeredByScript::Yes;
const ScrollSnapTargetIds& GetSnapTargetIds() const { return mSnapTargetIds; }
friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& aStream,
const ScrollPositionUpdate& aUpdate);
MainThreadScrollGeneration mScrollGeneration;
// Refer to the ScrollUpdateType documentation for what the types mean.
// All fields are populated for all types, except as noted below.
ScrollUpdateType mType;
ScrollMode mScrollMode;
ScrollOrigin mScrollOrigin;
// mDestination is not populated when mType == PureRelative.
CSSPoint mDestination;
// mSource is not populated when mType == Absolute || mType == PureRelative.
CSSPoint mSource;
// mDelta is not populated when mType == Absolute || mType == Relative.
CSSPoint mDelta;
ScrollTriggeredByScript mTriggeredByScript;
ScrollSnapTargetIds mSnapTargetIds;
} // namespace mozilla
#endif // mozilla_ScrollPositionUpdate_h_