Name Description Size
BackstagePass.h 2843
components.conf 632
ExportHelpers.cpp stopAtWindowProxy = 18863
JSServices.cpp allowNativeWrapper 5647
JSServices.h 484
jsshell.msg 539 1821
nsIXPConnect.h The core XPConnect public interfaces. 10953
nsXPConnect.cpp High level class and public functions implementation. 37649
README see 40
Sandbox.cpp The Components.Sandbox object. 75585
SandboxPrivate.h 4655
xpc.msg 22319
XPCCallContext.cpp Call context. 5616
XPCComponents.cpp The "Components" xpcom objects for JavaScript. 82023
XPCConvert.cpp Data conversion between native and JavaScript types. 48724
XPCDebug.cpp 1653
XPCException.cpp An implementaion of nsIException. 2063
XPCForwards.h Private forward declarations. 1273
XPCInlines.h private inline methods (#include'd by xpcprivate.h). 10553
XPCJSContext.cpp Per JSContext object 51813
XPCJSID.cpp An xpcom implementation of the JavaScript nsIID and nsCID objects. 22061
XPCJSMemoryReporter.h 1025
XPCJSRuntime.cpp Per JSRuntime object 119982
XPCJSWeakReference.cpp 2736
XPCJSWeakReference.h 805
XPCLocale.cpp JS locale callbacks implemented by XPCOM modules. These are theoretically safe for use on multiple threads. Unfortunately, the intl code underlying these XPCOM modules doesn't yet support this, so in practice XPCLocaleCallbacks are limited to the main thread. 4421
XPCLog.cpp Debug Logging support. 1891
XPCLog.h Debug Logging support. 2074
XPCMaps.cpp Private maps (hashtables). 6670
XPCMaps.h Private maps (hashtables). 10134
XPCModule.cpp 551
XPCModule.h Module implementation for the xpconnect library. 947
xpcObjectHelper.h 1829
xpcprivate.h XPConnect allows JS code to manipulate C++ object and C++ code to manipulate JS objects. JS manipulation of C++ objects tends to be significantly more complex. This comment explains how it is orchestrated by XPConnect. For each C++ object to be manipulated in JS, there is a corresponding JS object. This is called the "flattened JS object". By default, there is an additional C++ object involved of type XPCWrappedNative. The XPCWrappedNative holds pointers to the C++ object and the flat JS object. All XPCWrappedNative objects belong to an XPCWrappedNativeScope. These scopes are essentially in 1:1 correspondence with JS compartments. The XPCWrappedNativeScope has a pointer to the JS compartment. The global of a flattened JS object is one of the globals in this compartment (the exception to this rule is when a PreCreate hook asks for a different global; see nsIXPCScriptable below). Some C++ objects (notably DOM objects) have information associated with them that lists the interfaces implemented by these objects. A C++ object exposes this information by implementing nsIClassInfo. If a C++ object implements nsIClassInfo, then JS code can call its methods without needing to use QueryInterface first. Typically, all instances of a C++ class share the same nsIClassInfo instance. (That is, obj->QueryInterface(nsIClassInfo) returns the same result for every obj of a given class.) XPConnect tracks nsIClassInfo information in an XPCWrappedNativeProto object. A given XPCWrappedNativeScope will have one XPCWrappedNativeProto for each nsIClassInfo instance being used. The XPCWrappedNativeProto has an associated JS object, which is used as the prototype of all flattened JS objects created for C++ objects with the given nsIClassInfo. Each XPCWrappedNativeProto has a pointer to its XPCWrappedNativeScope. If an XPCWrappedNative wraps a C++ object with class info, then it points to its XPCWrappedNativeProto. Otherwise it points to its XPCWrappedNativeScope. (The pointers are smooshed together in a tagged union.) Either way it can reach its scope. An XPCWrappedNativeProto keeps track of the set of interfaces implemented by the C++ object in an XPCNativeSet. (The list of interfaces is obtained by calling a method on the nsIClassInfo.) An XPCNativeSet is a collection of XPCNativeInterfaces. Each interface stores the list of members, which can be methods, constants, getters, or setters. An XPCWrappedNative also points to an XPCNativeSet. Initially this starts out the same as the XPCWrappedNativeProto's set. If there is no proto, it starts out as a singleton set containing nsISupports. If JS code QI's new interfaces outside of the existing set, the set will grow. All QueryInterface results are cached in XPCWrappedNativeTearOff objects, which are linked off of the XPCWrappedNative. Besides having class info, a C++ object may be "scriptable" (i.e., implement nsIXPCScriptable). This allows it to implement a more DOM-like interface, besides just exposing XPCOM methods and constants. An nsIXPCScriptable instance has hooks that correspond to all the normal JSClass hooks. Each nsIXPCScriptable instance can have pointers from XPCWrappedNativeProto and XPCWrappedNative (since C++ objects can have scriptable info without having class info). 97176
xpcpublic.h 35348
XPCRuntimeService.cpp This will #undef the above 7041
XPCSelfHostedShmem.cpp read_only 3612
XPCSelfHostedShmem.h 3252
XPCShellImpl.cpp for isatty() 42989
XPCString.cpp Infrastructure for sharing DOMString data with JSStrings. Importing an nsAString into JS: If possible (GetSharedBufferHandle works) use the external string support in JS to create a JSString that points to the readable's buffer. We keep a reference to the buffer handle until the JSString is finalized. Exporting a JSString as an nsAReadable: Wrap the JSString with a root-holding XPCJSReadableStringWrapper, which roots the string and exposes its buffer via the nsAString interface, as well as providing refcounting support. 8440
XPCThrower.cpp Code for throwing errors into JavaScript. 4492
XPCVariant.cpp nsIVariant implementation for xpconnect. 23028
XPCWrappedJS.cpp Class that wraps JS objects to appear as XPCOM objects. 22804
XPCWrappedJSClass.cpp Sharable code and data for wrapper around JSObjects. 37683
XPCWrappedJSIterator.cpp 2757
XPCWrappedNative.cpp Wrapper object for reflecting native xpcom objects into JavaScript. 62286
XPCWrappedNativeInfo.cpp Manage the shared info about interfaces for use by wrappedNatives. 20693
XPCWrappedNativeJSOps.cpp JavaScript JSClasses and JSOps for our Wrapped Native JS Objects. 40363
XPCWrappedNativeProto.cpp Shared proto object for XPCWrappedNative. 4543
XPCWrappedNativeScope.cpp Class used to manage the wrapped native objects within a JS scope. 17149
XPCWrapper.cpp 2584
XPCWrapper.h 980