Name Description Size 507
mozIJSSubScriptLoader.idl Interface for synchronous script loads from local file: or jar: sources. For asynchronous script loads, ChromeUtils.compileScript() should be used instead. 2629
nsIXPConnect.idl The core XPConnect public interfaces. 9959
nsIXPCScriptable.idl Note: This is not really an XPCOM interface. For example, callers must guarantee that they set the *_retval of the various methods that return a boolean to PR_TRUE before making the call. Implementations may skip writing to *_retval unless they want to return PR_FALSE. 4733
xpccomponents.idl interface of Components.interfaces (interesting stuff only reflected into JavaScript) 25416
xpcIJSGetFactory.idl Every JS module exports a single NSGetFactory symbol which is converted into this functional interface type. 609
xpcIJSWeakReference.idl To be called from JS only. Returns the referenced JS object or null if the JS object has been garbage collected. 535