Name Description Size
AllocPolicy.cpp 748
BitArray.h A bit array is an array of bits represented by an array of words (size_t). 2136
CaseFolding.txt 82810
CheckedArithmetic.h namespace js 2805
CompleteFile.cpp Get the complete length of the file, if possible. 2231
CompleteFile.h util_CompleteFile_h 1252
DerivedCoreProperties.txt 1010458
DiagnosticAssertions.h Crash diagnostics by default in debug and on nightly channel. 1009
DoubleToString.cpp Portable double to alphanumeric string and back converters. 13416
DoubleToString.h Public interface to portable double-precision floating point to string and back conversion package. 4882
Memory.h namespace js 1383
NativeStack.cpp XP_UNIX 6255
NativeStack.h namespace js 729
Poison.h Memory poisoning. 6123
Printf.cpp Portable safe sprintf code. Author: Kipp E.B. Hickman 1765
SpecialCasing.txt 16830
StringBuffer.cpp For medium/big buffers, avoid wasting more than 1/4 of the memory. 4545
StringBuffer.h String builder that eagerly checks for over-allocation past the maximum string length. Any operation which would exceed the maximum string length causes an exception report on the context and results in a failed return value. Well-sized extractions (which waste no more than 1/4 of their char buffer space) are guaranteed for strings built by this interface. See |extractWellSized|. 13751
StructuredSpewer.cpp static 7586
StructuredSpewer.h 8275
Text.cpp 12421
Text.h These variants do not report OOMs, you must arrange for OOMs to be reported yourself. 12214
TrailingArray.h 2845
Unicode.cpp Generated by DO NOT MODIFY 244851
Unicode.h This namespace contains all the knowledge required to handle Unicode characters in JavaScript. SPACE Every character that is either in the ECMAScript class WhiteSpace (ES2016, § 11.2) or in LineTerminator (ES2016, § 11.3). WhiteSpace \u0009, \u000B, \u000C, \u0020, \u00A0 and \uFEFF and every other Unicode character with the General Category "Zs". See <> for more information about General Categories and the UnicodeData.txt file. LineTerminator \u000A, \u000D, \u2028, \u2029 UNICODE_ID_START These are all characters with the Unicode property «ID_Start». UNICODE_ID_CONTINUE_ONLY These are all characters with the Unicode property «ID_Continue» minus all characters with the Unicode property «ID_Start». And additionally <ZWNJ> and <ZWJ>. (ES2016, § 11.6) UNICODE_ID_CONTINUE These are all characters with the Unicode property «ID_Continue». And additionally <ZWNJ> and <ZWJ>. (ES2016, § 11.6) Attention: UNICODE_ID_START is _not_ IdentifierStart, but you could build a matcher for the real IdentifierPart like this: if char in ['$', '_']: return True if GetFlag(char) & UNICODE_ID_CONTINUE: return True 19396
UnicodeData.txt 1851767
UnicodeNonBMP.h Generated by DO NOT MODIFY 4378
Utility.cpp Various JS utility functions. 4974
Windows.h This file is a wrapper around <windows.h> to prevent the mangling of various function names throughout the codebase. 727 /* * Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. * */ 62112