Name Description Size 0 Returns a tuple a test which is encoding the self-hosted code and a generator of tests which is decoding the self-hosted code. 828 Return a relative version of a path 29457 Return JS that when executed sets up variables so that JS expression predicates on XUL build info evaluate properly. 20586 Prefer erring on the side of caution and not using terminal commands if the current output stream may be a file. We explicitly check for the Android platform because terminal commands work poorly over ADB's redirection. 4194 2865 Output from a test run. 17408 1702 10580 Spawn one child, return a task struct. 8100 Uses scatter-gather to a thread-pool to manage children. 5979 592 color: str - color definition string 896 From Andre Burgaud's Blog, from the CTypes Wiki: Colors text in console mode application (win32). Uses ctypes and Win32 methods SetConsoleTextAttribute and GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo. $Id: 534 2009-05-10 04:00:59Z andre $ 2802 Build a dict of additional environment variables that must be set to run tests successfully. 10465 Initialize the WptreportHandler handler. :param str out: path to a file to write output to. 2635