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browser.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 22221 usage: %progname candidate_path baseline_path 2705
js-test-driver-begin.js 0
js-test-driver-end.js 21
jsreftest.html JavaScript Test Driver - reftests 671
jstests.list 95670 The JS Shell Test Harness. See the adjacent README.txt for more details. 29039
lib 16 840 288
non262 66 %prog [options] shellpath dirpath Pulls performance data on parsing via the js shell. Displays the average number of milliseconds it took to parse each file. For comparison, something apparently approximating a t-test is performed: "Faster" means that: t_baseline_goodrun = (t_baseline_avg - t_baseline_stddev) t_current_badrun = (t_current_avg + t_current_stddev) t_current_badrun < t_baseline_goodrun Effectively, a bad run from the current data is better than a good run from the baseline data, we're probably faster. A similar computation is used for determining the "slower" designation. Arguments: shellpath executable JavaScript shell dirpath directory filled with parsilicious js files 7358
README.txt JS Test Suite Readme 4181
requirements.txt 13
shell Tests for JS shell-only functions 8
shell.js CACHED PRIMORDIAL FUNCTIONALITY (before a test might overwrite it) * ******************************************************************** 18072
style 12
test 3
test262 10 Convert a jstest test to a compatible Test262 test file. 14574
test262-host.js 9143 Loads the test262 test record parser. 30866
testharnessreport.js 577
user.js 2024
web-platform-test-shims.js 2693