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# JS Fuzzing Interface
This directory contains fuzzing targets that implement the unified fuzzing
interface to be used with libFuzzer or AFL.
## Building the fuzzing targets
To include this directory in your JS build, you need to build with Clang
and the --enable-fuzzing flag enabled. The build system will automatically
detect if you are building with afl-clang-fast for AFL or regular Clang
for libFuzzer.
## Running a fuzzing target
To run a particular target with libFuzzer, use:
cd $OBJDIR/dist/bin
FUZZER=YourTargetName ./fuzz-tests
To run with AFL, use something like
cd $OBJDIR/dist/bin
afl-fuzz <regular AFL options> -f input ./fuzz-tests
## Writing a fuzzing target
1. Check testExample.cpp for a target skeleton with comments.
2. Add your own .cpp file to UNIFIED_SOURCES in