Name Description Size
README # JS Fuzzing Interface 879
differential-parsing.js global crash, os, parse, timeout 4564 1124
testBinASTReader.cpp 2488
testExample.cpp This function is called once at startup. You can use it to e.g. read environment variables to initialize additional options you might need. Note that `gCx` and `gGlobal` are pre-initialized by the harness. 2309
testRegExp.cpp init function 3291
testStructuredCloneReader.cpp If we succeeded in deserializing, we should try to reserialize the data. This has two main advantages: 1) It tests parts of the serializer as well. 2) The deserialized data is actually used, making it more likely to detect further memory-related problems. Tests show that this also doesn't cause a serious performance penalty. 2631
testWasm.cpp 13689
tests.cpp Create the global object. 2898
tests.h fuzz_tests_tests_h 545