Name Description Size
differential-parsing.js global crash, os, parse, timeout 4564
gluesmith 1067
parsing-evaluate.js 3069
README # JS Fuzzing Interface 879
testExample.cpp This function is called once at startup. You can use it to e.g. read environment variables to initialize additional options you might need. Note that `gCx` and `gGlobal` are pre-initialized by the harness. 2321
testRegExp.cpp init function 3366
tests.cpp Create the global object. 3169
tests.h fuzz_tests_tests_h 545
testStructuredCloneReader.cpp If we succeeded in deserializing, we should try to reserialize the data. This has two main advantages: 1) It tests parts of the serializer as well. 2) The deserialized data is actually used, making it more likely to detect further memory-related problems. Tests show that this also doesn't cause a serious performance penalty. 2643
testWasm.cpp 18681