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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef builtin_ModuleObject_h
#define builtin_ModuleObject_h
#include "mozilla/Maybe.h"
#include "jsapi.h"
#include "builtin/SelfHostingDefines.h"
#include "gc/ZoneAllocator.h"
#include "js/GCVector.h"
#include "js/Id.h"
#include "js/UniquePtr.h"
#include "vm/JSAtom.h"
#include "vm/NativeObject.h"
#include "vm/ProxyObject.h"
namespace js {
class ModuleEnvironmentObject;
class ModuleObject;
using RootedModuleObject = Rooted<ModuleObject*>;
using HandleModuleObject = Handle<ModuleObject*>;
using RootedModuleEnvironmentObject = Rooted<ModuleEnvironmentObject*>;
using HandleModuleEnvironmentObject = Handle<ModuleEnvironmentObject*>;
class ImportEntryObject : public NativeObject {
enum {
ModuleRequestSlot = 0,
static const JSClass class_;
static bool isInstance(HandleValue value);
static ImportEntryObject* create(JSContext* cx, HandleAtom moduleRequest,
HandleAtom importName, HandleAtom localName,
uint32_t lineNumber, uint32_t columnNumber);
JSAtom* moduleRequest() const;
JSAtom* importName() const;
JSAtom* localName() const;
uint32_t lineNumber() const;
uint32_t columnNumber() const;
using RootedImportEntryObject = Rooted<ImportEntryObject*>;
using HandleImportEntryObject = Handle<ImportEntryObject*>;
using RootedImportEntryVector = Rooted<GCVector<ImportEntryObject*> >;
using MutableHandleImportEntryObject = MutableHandle<ImportEntryObject*>;
template <XDRMode mode>
XDRResult XDRImportEntryObject(XDRState<mode>* xdr,
MutableHandleImportEntryObject impObj);
class ExportEntryObject : public NativeObject {
enum {
ExportNameSlot = 0,
static const JSClass class_;
static bool isInstance(HandleValue value);
static ExportEntryObject* create(JSContext* cx, HandleAtom maybeExportName,
HandleAtom maybeModuleRequest,
HandleAtom maybeImportName,
HandleAtom maybeLocalName,
uint32_t lineNumber, uint32_t columnNumber);
JSAtom* exportName() const;
JSAtom* moduleRequest() const;
JSAtom* importName() const;
JSAtom* localName() const;
uint32_t lineNumber() const;
uint32_t columnNumber() const;
template <XDRMode mode>
XDRResult XDRExportEntries(XDRState<mode>* xdr, MutableHandleArrayObject vec);
using RootedExportEntryObject = Rooted<ExportEntryObject*>;
using HandleExportEntryObject = Handle<ExportEntryObject*>;
class RequestedModuleObject : public NativeObject {
enum { ModuleSpecifierSlot = 0, LineNumberSlot, ColumnNumberSlot, SlotCount };
static const JSClass class_;
static bool isInstance(HandleValue value);
static RequestedModuleObject* create(JSContext* cx,
HandleAtom moduleSpecifier,
uint32_t lineNumber,
uint32_t columnNumber);
JSAtom* moduleSpecifier() const;
uint32_t lineNumber() const;
uint32_t columnNumber() const;
using RootedRequestedModuleObject = Rooted<RequestedModuleObject*>;
using HandleRequestedModuleObject = Handle<RequestedModuleObject*>;
using RootedRequestedModuleVector = Rooted<GCVector<RequestedModuleObject*> >;
using MutableHandleRequestedModuleObject =
template <XDRMode mode>
XDRResult XDRRequestedModuleObject(XDRState<mode>* xdr,
MutableHandleRequestedModuleObject reqObj);
class IndirectBindingMap {
void trace(JSTracer* trc);
bool put(JSContext* cx, HandleId name,
HandleModuleEnvironmentObject environment, HandleId localName);
size_t count() const { return map_ ? map_->count() : 0; }
bool has(jsid name) const { return map_ ? map_->has(name) : false; }
bool lookup(jsid name, ModuleEnvironmentObject** envOut,
Shape** shapeOut) const;
template <typename Func>
void forEachExportedName(Func func) const {
if (!map_) {
for (auto r = map_->all(); !r.empty(); r.popFront()) {
struct Binding {
Binding(ModuleEnvironmentObject* environment, Shape* shape);
HeapPtr<ModuleEnvironmentObject*> environment;
HeapPtr<Shape*> shape;
using Map = HashMap<PreBarrieredId, Binding, DefaultHasher<PreBarrieredId>,
mozilla::Maybe<Map> map_;
class ModuleNamespaceObject : public ProxyObject {
enum ModuleNamespaceSlot { ExportsSlot = 0, BindingsSlot };
static bool isInstance(HandleValue value);
static ModuleNamespaceObject* create(JSContext* cx, HandleModuleObject module,
HandleObject exports,
UniquePtr<IndirectBindingMap> bindings);
ModuleObject& module();
JSObject& exports();
IndirectBindingMap& bindings();
bool addBinding(JSContext* cx, HandleAtom exportedName,
HandleModuleObject targetModule, HandleAtom localName);
struct ProxyHandler : public BaseProxyHandler {
bool getOwnPropertyDescriptor(
JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy, HandleId id,
MutableHandle<PropertyDescriptor> desc) const override;
bool defineProperty(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy, HandleId id,
Handle<PropertyDescriptor> desc,
ObjectOpResult& result) const override;
bool ownPropertyKeys(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy,
MutableHandleIdVector props) const override;
bool delete_(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy, HandleId id,
ObjectOpResult& result) const override;
bool getPrototype(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy,
MutableHandleObject protop) const override;
bool setPrototype(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy, HandleObject proto,
ObjectOpResult& result) const override;
bool getPrototypeIfOrdinary(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy,
bool* isOrdinary,
MutableHandleObject protop) const override;
bool setImmutablePrototype(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy,
bool* succeeded) const override;
bool preventExtensions(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy,
ObjectOpResult& result) const override;
bool isExtensible(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy,
bool* extensible) const override;
bool has(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy, HandleId id,
bool* bp) const override;
bool get(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy, HandleValue receiver,
HandleId id, MutableHandleValue vp) const override;
bool set(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proxy, HandleId id, HandleValue v,
HandleValue receiver, ObjectOpResult& result) const override;
void trace(JSTracer* trc, JSObject* proxy) const override;
void finalize(JSFreeOp* fop, JSObject* proxy) const override;
static const char family;
bool hasBindings() const;
static const ProxyHandler proxyHandler;
using RootedModuleNamespaceObject = Rooted<ModuleNamespaceObject*>;
using HandleModuleNamespaceObject = Handle<ModuleNamespaceObject*>;
struct FunctionDeclaration {
FunctionDeclaration(HandleAtom name, uint32_t funIndex);
void trace(JSTracer* trc);
const HeapPtr<JSAtom*> name;
const uint32_t funIndex;
// A vector of function bindings to be instantiated. This can be created in a
// helper thread zone and so can't use ZoneAllocPolicy.
using FunctionDeclarationVector =
GCVector<FunctionDeclaration, 0, SystemAllocPolicy>;
// Possible values for ModuleStatus are defined in SelfHostingDefines.h.
using ModuleStatus = int32_t;
class ModuleObject : public NativeObject {
enum ModuleSlot {
ScriptSlot = 0,
static_assert(EnvironmentSlot == MODULE_OBJECT_ENVIRONMENT_SLOT,
"EnvironmentSlot must match self-hosting define");
static_assert(StatusSlot == MODULE_OBJECT_STATUS_SLOT,
"StatusSlot must match self-hosting define");
static_assert(EvaluationErrorSlot == MODULE_OBJECT_EVALUATION_ERROR_SLOT,
"EvaluationErrorSlot must match self-hosting define");
static_assert(DFSIndexSlot == MODULE_OBJECT_DFS_INDEX_SLOT,
"DFSIndexSlot must match self-hosting define");
static_assert(DFSAncestorIndexSlot == MODULE_OBJECT_DFS_ANCESTOR_INDEX_SLOT,
"DFSAncestorIndexSlot must match self-hosting define");
static const JSClass class_;
static bool isInstance(HandleValue value);
static ModuleObject* create(JSContext* cx);
// Initialize the slots on this object that are dependent on the script.
void initScriptSlots(HandleScript script);
void setInitialEnvironment(
Handle<ModuleEnvironmentObject*> initialEnvironment);
void initStatusSlot();
void initImportExportData(HandleArrayObject requestedModules,
HandleArrayObject importEntries,
HandleArrayObject localExportEntries,
HandleArrayObject indiretExportEntries,
HandleArrayObject starExportEntries);
static bool Freeze(JSContext* cx, HandleModuleObject self);
#ifdef DEBUG
static bool AssertFrozen(JSContext* cx, HandleModuleObject self);
void fixEnvironmentsAfterRealmMerge();
JSScript* maybeScript() const;
JSScript* script() const;
Scope* enclosingScope() const;
ModuleEnvironmentObject& initialEnvironment() const;
ModuleEnvironmentObject* environment() const;
ModuleNamespaceObject* namespace_();
ModuleStatus status() const;
bool hadEvaluationError() const;
Value evaluationError() const;
JSObject* metaObject() const;
ScriptSourceObject* scriptSourceObject() const;
ArrayObject& requestedModules() const;
ArrayObject& importEntries() const;
ArrayObject& localExportEntries() const;
ArrayObject& indirectExportEntries() const;
ArrayObject& starExportEntries() const;
IndirectBindingMap& importBindings();
static bool Instantiate(JSContext* cx, HandleModuleObject self);
static bool Evaluate(JSContext* cx, HandleModuleObject self);
static ModuleNamespaceObject* GetOrCreateModuleNamespace(
JSContext* cx, HandleModuleObject self);
void setMetaObject(JSObject* obj);
// For BytecodeEmitter.
bool noteFunctionDeclaration(JSContext* cx, HandleAtom name,
uint32_t funIndex);
// For intrinsic_InstantiateModuleFunctionDeclarations.
static bool instantiateFunctionDeclarations(JSContext* cx,
HandleModuleObject self);
// For intrinsic_ExecuteModule.
static bool execute(JSContext* cx, HandleModuleObject self,
MutableHandleValue rval);
// For intrinsic_NewModuleNamespace.
static ModuleNamespaceObject* createNamespace(JSContext* cx,
HandleModuleObject self,
HandleObject exports);
static bool createEnvironment(JSContext* cx, HandleModuleObject self);
FunctionDeclarationVector* functionDeclarations();
static const JSClassOps classOps_;
static void trace(JSTracer* trc, JSObject* obj);
static void finalize(JSFreeOp* fop, JSObject* obj);
bool hasImportBindings() const;
JSObject* GetOrCreateModuleMetaObject(JSContext* cx, HandleObject module);
JSObject* CallModuleResolveHook(JSContext* cx, HandleValue referencingPrivate,
HandleString specifier);
JSObject* StartDynamicModuleImport(JSContext* cx, HandleScript script,
HandleValue specifier);
bool FinishDynamicModuleImport(JSContext* cx, HandleValue referencingPrivate,
HandleString specifier, HandleObject promise);
template <XDRMode mode>
XDRResult XDRModuleObject(XDRState<mode>* xdr, MutableHandleModuleObject modp);
} // namespace js
template <>
inline bool JSObject::is<js::ModuleNamespaceObject>() const {
return js::IsDerivedProxyObject(this,
#endif /* builtin_ModuleObject_h */