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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include <cstddef> // for size_t
#include <cstdint> // for uint32_t, int32_t, INT32_MAX
#include <string> // for string
#include "Units.h" // for LayoutDeviceIntSize
#include "mozilla/AlreadyAddRefed.h" // for already_AddRefed
#include "mozilla/Assertions.h" // for AssertionConditionType, MOZ_ASSERT, MOZ_ASSERT_HELPER2
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h" // for MOZ_NON_OWNING_REF
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h" // for RefPtr
#include "mozilla/StaticPrefs_apz.h" // for apz_test_logging_enabled
#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h" // for TimeStamp
#include "mozilla/gfx/Point.h" // for IntSize
#include "mozilla/gfx/Types.h" // for SurfaceFormat
#include "mozilla/layers/APZTestData.h" // for APZTestData
#include "mozilla/layers/CompositorTypes.h" // for TextureFactoryIdentifier
#include "mozilla/layers/DisplayItemCache.h" // for DisplayItemCache
#include "mozilla/layers/FocusTarget.h" // for FocusTarget
#include "mozilla/layers/LayersTypes.h" // for TransactionId, LayersBackend, CompositionPayload (ptr only), LayersBackend::...
#include "mozilla/layers/RenderRootStateManager.h" // for RenderRootStateManager
#include "mozilla/layers/ScrollableLayerGuid.h" // for ScrollableLayerGuid, ScrollableLayerGuid::ViewID
#include "mozilla/layers/WebRenderCommandBuilder.h" // for WebRenderCommandBuilder
#include "mozilla/layers/WebRenderScrollData.h" // for WebRenderScrollData
#include "WindowRenderer.h"
#include "nsHashKeys.h" // for nsRefPtrHashKey
#include "nsRegion.h" // for nsIntRegion
#include "nsStringFwd.h" // for nsCString, nsAString
#include "nsTArray.h" // for nsTArray
#include "nsTHashSet.h"
class gfxContext;
class nsIWidget;
namespace mozilla {
class nsDisplayList;
class nsDisplayListBuilder;
struct ActiveScrolledRoot;
namespace layers {
class CompositorBridgeChild;
class KnowsCompositor;
class Layer;
class PCompositorBridgeChild;
class WebRenderBridgeChild;
class WebRenderParentCommand;
class TransactionIdAllocator;
class LayerUserData;
class WebRenderLayerManager final : public WindowRenderer {
typedef nsTHashSet<RefPtr<WebRenderUserData>> WebRenderUserDataRefTable;
explicit WebRenderLayerManager(nsIWidget* aWidget);
bool Initialize(PCompositorBridgeChild* aCBChild, wr::PipelineId aLayersId,
TextureFactoryIdentifier* aTextureFactoryIdentifier,
nsCString& aError);
void Destroy() override;
bool IsDestroyed() { return mDestroyed; }
void DoDestroy(bool aIsSync);
virtual ~WebRenderLayerManager();
KnowsCompositor* AsKnowsCompositor() override;
WebRenderLayerManager* AsWebRender() override { return this; }
CompositorBridgeChild* GetCompositorBridgeChild() override;
// WebRender can handle images larger than the max texture size via tiling.
int32_t GetMaxTextureSize() const override { return INT32_MAX; }
bool BeginTransactionWithTarget(gfxContext* aTarget, const nsCString& aURL);
bool BeginTransaction(const nsCString& aURL) override;
bool EndEmptyTransaction(EndTransactionFlags aFlags = END_DEFAULT) override;
void EndTransactionWithoutLayer(nsDisplayList* aDisplayList,
nsDisplayListBuilder* aDisplayListBuilder,
WrFiltersHolder&& aFilters,
WebRenderBackgroundData* aBackground,
const double aGeckoDLBuildTime);
LayersBackend GetBackendType() override { return LayersBackend::LAYERS_WR; }
void GetBackendName(nsAString& name) override;
bool NeedsWidgetInvalidation() override { return false; }
void DidComposite(TransactionId aTransactionId,
const mozilla::TimeStamp& aCompositeStart,
const mozilla::TimeStamp& aCompositeEnd);
void ClearCachedResources();
void ClearAnimationResources();
void UpdateTextureFactoryIdentifier(
const TextureFactoryIdentifier& aNewIdentifier);
TextureFactoryIdentifier GetTextureFactoryIdentifier();
void SetTransactionIdAllocator(TransactionIdAllocator* aAllocator);
TransactionId GetLastTransactionId();
void FlushRendering(wr::RenderReasons aReasons) override;
void WaitOnTransactionProcessed() override;
void SendInvalidRegion(const nsIntRegion& aRegion);
void ScheduleComposite(wr::RenderReasons aReasons);
void SetNeedsComposite(bool aNeedsComposite) {
mNeedsComposite = aNeedsComposite;
bool NeedsComposite() const { return mNeedsComposite; }
void SetIsFirstPaint() { mIsFirstPaint = true; }
bool GetIsFirstPaint() const { return mIsFirstPaint; }
void SetFocusTarget(const FocusTarget& aFocusTarget);
already_AddRefed<PersistentBufferProvider> CreatePersistentBufferProvider(
const gfx::IntSize& aSize, gfx::SurfaceFormat aFormat,
bool aWillReadFrequently) override;
bool AsyncPanZoomEnabled() const;
// adds an imagekey to a list of keys that will be discarded on the next
// transaction or destruction
void DiscardImages();
void DiscardLocalImages();
void ClearAsyncAnimations();
void WrReleasedImages(const nsTArray<wr::ExternalImageKeyPair>& aPairs);
WebRenderBridgeChild* WrBridge() const { return mWrChild; }
// See equivalent function in ClientLayerManager
void LogTestDataForCurrentPaint(ScrollableLayerGuid::ViewID aScrollId,
const std::string& aKey,
const std::string& aValue) {
MOZ_ASSERT(StaticPrefs::apz_test_logging_enabled(), "don't call me");
mApzTestData.LogTestDataForPaint(mPaintSequenceNumber, aScrollId, aKey,
void LogAdditionalTestData(const std::string& aKey,
const std::string& aValue) {
MOZ_ASSERT(StaticPrefs::apz_test_logging_enabled(), "don't call me");
mApzTestData.RecordAdditionalData(aKey, aValue);
// See equivalent function in ClientLayerManager
const APZTestData& GetAPZTestData() const { return mApzTestData; }
WebRenderCommandBuilder& CommandBuilder() { return mWebRenderCommandBuilder; }
WebRenderUserDataRefTable* GetWebRenderUserDataTable() {
return mWebRenderCommandBuilder.GetWebRenderUserDataTable();
WebRenderScrollData& GetScrollData() { return mScrollData; }
void WrUpdated();
nsIWidget* GetWidget() { return mWidget; }
uint32_t StartFrameTimeRecording(int32_t aBufferSize) override;
void StopFrameTimeRecording(uint32_t aStartIndex,
nsTArray<float>& aFrameIntervals) override;
RenderRootStateManager* GetRenderRootStateManager() { return &mStateManager; }
void TakeCompositionPayloads(nsTArray<CompositionPayload>& aPayloads);
void GetFrameUniformity(FrameUniformityData* aOutData) override;
void RegisterPayloads(const nsTArray<CompositionPayload>& aPayload) {
MOZ_ASSERT(mPayload.Length() < 10000);
static void LayerUserDataDestroy(void* data);
* This setter can be used anytime. The user data for all keys is
* initially null. Ownership pases to the layer manager.
void SetUserData(void* aKey, LayerUserData* aData) {
mUserData.Add(static_cast<gfx::UserDataKey*>(aKey), aData,
* This can be used anytime. Ownership passes to the caller!
UniquePtr<LayerUserData> RemoveUserData(void* aKey);
* This getter can be used anytime.
bool HasUserData(void* aKey) {
return mUserData.Has(static_cast<gfx::UserDataKey*>(aKey));
* This getter can be used anytime. Ownership is retained by the layer
* manager.
LayerUserData* GetUserData(void* aKey) const {
return static_cast<LayerUserData*>(
#ifdef DEBUG
gfxContext* GetTarget() const { return mTarget; }
* Take a snapshot of the parent context, and copy
* it into mTarget.
void MakeSnapshotIfRequired(LayoutDeviceIntSize aSize);
nsIWidget* MOZ_NON_OWNING_REF mWidget;
RefPtr<WebRenderBridgeChild> mWrChild;
bool mHasFlushedThisChild;
RefPtr<TransactionIdAllocator> mTransactionIdAllocator;
TransactionId mLatestTransactionId;
gfx::UserData mUserData;
// This holds the scroll data that we need to send to the compositor for
// APZ to do it's job
WebRenderScrollData mScrollData;
bool mNeedsComposite;
bool mIsFirstPaint;
bool mDestroyed;
FocusTarget mFocusTarget;
// The payload associated with currently pending painting work, for
// client layer managers that typically means payload that is part of the
// 'upcoming transaction', for HostLayerManagers this typically means
// what has been included in received transactions to be presented on the
// next composite.
// IMPORTANT: Clients should take care to clear this or risk it slowly
// growing out of control.
nsTArray<CompositionPayload> mPayload;
// When we're doing a transaction in order to draw to a non-default
// target, the layers transaction is only performed in order to send
// a PLayers:Update. We save the original non-default target to
// mTarget, and then perform the transaction. After the transaction ends,
// we send a message to our remote side to capture the actual pixels
// being drawn to the default target, and then copy those pixels
// back to mTarget.
gfxContext* mTarget;
// See equivalent field in ClientLayerManager
uint32_t mPaintSequenceNumber;
// See equivalent field in ClientLayerManager
APZTestData mApzTestData;
TimeStamp mTransactionStart;
nsCString mURL;
WebRenderCommandBuilder mWebRenderCommandBuilder;
RenderRootStateManager mStateManager;
DisplayItemCache mDisplayItemCache;
UniquePtr<wr::DisplayListBuilder> mDLBuilder;
ScrollUpdatesMap mPendingScrollUpdates;
LayoutDeviceIntSize mFlushWidgetSize;
} // namespace layers
} // namespace mozilla