Name Description Size
AsyncImagePipelineManager.cpp static 28901
AsyncImagePipelineManager.h 11442
AsyncImagePipelineOp.cpp 915
AsyncImagePipelineOp.h 2074
ClipManager.cpp 18938
ClipManager.h This class manages creating and assigning scroll layers and clips in WebRender based on the gecko display list. It has a few public functions that are intended to be invoked while traversing the Gecko display list, and it uses the ASR and clip information from the display list to create the necessary clip state in WebRender. The structure of the clip state in WebRender ends up quite similar to how it is in Gecko. For each ASR in Gecko, we create a scroll layer (i.e. a scrolling clip) in WebRender; these form a tree structure similar to the ASR tree structure. Ancestors of scroll layers are always other scroll layers, or the root scroll node. The DisplayItemClipChain list of clips from the gecko display list is converted to a WR clip chain and pushed on the stack prior to creating any WR commands for that item, and is popped afterwards. In addition, the WR clip chain has a parent pointer, which points to the clip chain for any enclosing stacking context. This again results in a strucuture very similar to that in Gecko, where the clips from container display items get applied to the contained display items. 6565
DisplayItemCache.cpp 5126
DisplayItemCache.h DisplayItemCache keeps track of which Gecko display items have already had their respective WebRender display items sent to WebRender backend. Ideally creating the WR display items for a Gecko display item would not depend on any external state. However currently pipeline id, clip id, and spatial id can change between display lists, even if the Gecko display items have not. This state is tracked by DisplayItemCache. 5986
HitTestInfoManager.cpp TODO(miko): This used to be a performance bottle-neck, but it does not show up in profiles anymore, see bugs 1424637 and 1424968. A better way of doing this would be to store current app units per dev pixel in wr::DisplayListBuilder, and update it whenever display items that separate presshell boundaries are encountered. 4818
HitTestInfoManager.h This class extracts the hit testing information (area, flags, ViewId) from Gecko display items and pushes them into WebRender display list. The hit testing information is deduplicated: a new hit test item is only added if the new area is not contained in the previous area, or if the flags, ViewId, or current spatial id is different. 1931
IpcResourceUpdateQueue.cpp 15789
IpcResourceUpdateQueue.h 7233
OMTAController.cpp 1307
OMTAController.h This class just delegates the jank animations notification to the compositor thread from the sampler thread. 1280
OMTASampler.cpp static 8462
OMTASampler.h This interface exposes OMTA methods related to "sampling" (i.e. calculating animating values) and "". All sampling methods should be called on the sampler thread, all some of them should be called on the compositor thread. 5617
RenderRootStateManager.cpp 7600
RenderRootTypes.cpp 4585
RenderRootTypes.h GFX_RENDERROOTTYPES_H 2274
StackingContextHelper.cpp static 11552
StackingContextHelper.h This is a helper class that pushes/pops a stacking context, and manages some of the coordinate space transformations needed. 5924
WebRenderBridgeChild.cpp 19043
WebRenderBridgeChild.h Clean this up, finishing with SendShutDown() which will cause __delete__ to be sent from the parent side. 9335
WebRenderBridgeParent.cpp 99781
WebRenderBridgeParent.h 20628
WebRenderCanvasRenderer.cpp 2899
WebRenderCanvasRenderer.h 1697
WebRenderCommandBuilder.cpp 120170
WebRenderCommandBuilder.h 9257
WebRenderDrawEventRecorder.cpp 1092
WebRenderDrawEventRecorder.h 1641
WebRenderImageHost.cpp 12863
WebRenderImageHost.h ImageHost. Works with ImageClientSingle and ImageClientBuffered 3076
WebRenderLayerManager.cpp aIsSync 28025
WebRenderLayerManager.h 10660
WebRenderMessageUtils.h 8236
WebRenderScrollData.cpp 19503
WebRenderScrollData.h 14002
WebRenderScrollDataWrapper.h 18951
WebRenderTextureHost.cpp 7720
WebRenderTextureHost.h 3971
WebRenderUserData.cpp static 13774
WebRenderUserData.h 12608