Name Description Size
CompositingRenderTargetOGL.cpp 4240
CompositingRenderTargetOGL.h Create a render target around the default FBO, for rendering straight to the window. 7819
CompositorOGL.cpp 87992
CompositorOGL.h Interface for pools of temporary gl textures for the compositor. The textures are fully owned by the pool, so the latter is responsible calling fDeleteTextures accordingly. Users of GetTexture receive a texture that is only valid for the duration of the current frame. This is primarily intended for direct texturing APIs that need to attach shared objects (such as an EGLImage) to a gl texture. 18917
EGLImageHelpers.cpp 1696
EGLImageHelpers.h 799
GLBlitTextureImageHelper.cpp 10336
GLBlitTextureImageHelper.h Copy a rectangle from one TextureImage into another. The source and destination are given in integer coordinates, and will be converted to texture coordinates. For the source texture, the wrap modes DO apply -- it's valid to use REPEAT or PAD and expect appropriate behaviour if the source rectangle extends beyond its bounds. For the destination texture, the wrap modes DO NOT apply -- the destination will be clipped by the bounds of the texture. Note: calling this function will cause the following OpenGL state to be changed: - current program - framebuffer binding - viewport - blend state (will be enabled at end) - scissor state (will be enabled at end) - vertex attrib 0 and 1 (pointer and enable state [enable state will be disabled at exit]) - array buffer binding (will be 0) - active texture (will be 0) - texture 0 binding 2276
MacIOSurfaceTextureClientOGL.cpp 3760
MacIOSurfaceTextureClientOGL.h 1731
MacIOSurfaceTextureHostOGL.cpp 9673
MacIOSurfaceTextureHostOGL.h A TextureHost for shared MacIOSurface Most of the logic actually happens in MacIOSurfaceTextureSourceOGL. 3054
OGLShaderConfig.h 6879
OGLShaderProgram.cpp 39414
OGLShaderProgram.h This struct represents the shaders that make up a program and the uniform and attribute parmeters that those shaders take. It is used by ShaderProgramOGL. Use the factory method GetProfileFor to create instances. 12925
TextureClientOGL.cpp do not ignore transform 7082
TextureClientOGL.h 3250
TextureHostOGL.cpp 31129
TextureHostOGL.h TextureHost implementations for the OpenGL backend. Note that it is important to be careful about the ownership model with the OpenGL backend, due to some widget limitation on Linux: before the nsBaseWidget associated with our OpenGL context has been completely deleted, every resource belonging to the OpenGL context MUST have been released. At the moment the teardown sequence happens in the middle of the nsBaseWidget's destructor, meaning that at a given moment we must be able to easily find and release all the GL resources. The point is: be careful about the ownership model and limit the number of objects sharing references to GL resources to make the tear down sequence as simple as possible. 18386
WaylandDMABUFTextureClientOGL.cpp static 3732
WaylandDMABUFTextureClientOGL.h 2094
WaylandDMABUFTextureHostOGL.cpp 7076
WaylandDMABUFTextureHostOGL.h A TextureHost for shared class WaylandDMABufSurface; 2623
X11TextureSourceOGL.cpp 2769
X11TextureSourceOGL.h 1889