Name Description Size
BlendShaderConstants.h 709
CompositorD3D11.cpp 45628
CompositorD3D11.h Start a new frame. 7369
CompositorD3D11.hlsl 5309
DeviceAttachmentsD3D11.cpp static 8575
DeviceAttachmentsD3D11.h 2974
DiagnosticsD3D11.cpp 2824
DiagnosticsD3D11.h 1350 // AUTOGENERATED - DO NOT EDIT namespace mozilla { namespace layers { struct ShaderBytes { const void* mData; size_t mLength; }; 5345
HelpersD3D11.h 1811
ReadbackManagerD3D11.cpp 5127
ReadbackManagerD3D11.h Tell the readback manager to post a readback task. @param aTexture D3D10_USAGE_STAGING texture that will contain the data that was readback. @param aSink TextureReadbackSink that the resulting DataSourceSurface should be dispatched to. 2070
ShaderDefinitionsD3D11.h 1058
shaders.manifest 234
TextureD3D11.cpp This class gets its lifetime tied to a D3D texture and increments memory usage on construction and decrements on destruction 61419
TextureD3D11.h 18872