Name Description Size
BlendShaderConstants.h 2100
BlendingHelpers.hlslh 4104
CompositorD3D11.cpp 57510
CompositorD3D11.h Declare an offset to use when rendering layers. This will be ignored when rendering to a target instead of the screen. 10142
CompositorD3D11.hlsl 15020
DeviceAttachmentsD3D11.cpp static 11948
DeviceAttachmentsD3D11.h 3648
DiagnosticsD3D11.cpp 2824
DiagnosticsD3D11.h 1350
HelpersD3D11.h 1811
MLGDeviceD3D11.cpp 69697
MLGDeviceD3D11.h 12206
ReadbackManagerD3D11.cpp 5185
ReadbackManagerD3D11.h Tell the readback manager to post a readback task. @param aTexture D3D10_USAGE_STAGING texture that will contain the data that was readback. @param aSink TextureReadbackSink that the resulting DataSourceSurface should be dispatched to. 2070
ShaderDefinitionsD3D11.h 1058
TextureD3D11.cpp This class gets its lifetime tied to a D3D texture and increments memory usage on construction and decrements on destruction 56477
TextureD3D11.h 18072 // AUTOGENERATED - DO NOT EDIT namespace mozilla { namespace layers { struct ShaderBytes { const void* mData; size_t mLength; }; 5392
mlgshaders 27
shaders.manifest 580