Name Description Size
ActiveElementManager.cpp Clear the Event State Manager's global active content. 12612
ActiveElementManager.h Manages setting and clearing the ':active' CSS pseudostate in the presence of touch input. 4044
APZCCallbackHelper.cpp 38996
APZCCallbackHelper.h Refer to documentation on SendSetTargetAPZCNotification for this class 8170
APZEventState.cpp 22921
APZEventState.h input block id 5522
APZTaskRunnable.cpp 4721
APZTaskRunnable.h 3392
APZThreadUtils.cpp static 3503
APZThreadUtils.h In the gtest environment everything runs on one thread, so we shouldn't assert that we're on a particular thread. This enables that behaviour. 2120
CheckerboardReportService.cpp static 7442
CheckerboardReportService.h Get the singleton instance. 4389
ChromeProcessController.cpp 12929
ChromeProcessController.h ChromeProcessController is a GeckoContentController attached to the root of a compositor's layer tree. It's used directly by APZ by default, and remoted using PAPZ if there is a gpu process. If ChromeProcessController needs to implement a new method on GeckoContentController PAPZ, APZChild, and RemoteContentController must be updated to handle it. 4259
ContentProcessController.cpp 4037
ContentProcessController.h ContentProcessController is a GeckoContentController for a BrowserChild, and is always remoted using PAPZ/APZChild. ContentProcessController is created in ContentChild when a layer tree id has been allocated for a PBrowser that lives in that content process, and is destroyed when the Destroy message is received, or when the tab dies. If ContentProcessController needs to implement a new method on GeckoContentController PAPZ, APZChild, and RemoteContentController must be updated to handle it. 3346
DoubleTapToZoom.cpp 18051
DoubleTapToZoom.h For a double tap at |aPoint|, return a ZoomTarget struct with contains a rect to which the browser should zoom in response (see ZoomTarget definition for more details). An empty rect means the browser should zoom out. |aDocument| should be the in-process root content document for the content that was tapped. 3464
InputAPZContext.cpp static 2320
InputAPZContext.h mozilla_layers_InputAPZContext_h 2691
ScrollingInteractionContext.cpp static 899
ScrollingInteractionContext.h mozilla_layers_ScrollingInteractionContext_h 1278
ScrollLinkedEffectDetector.cpp static 1434
ScrollLinkedEffectDetector.h mozilla_layers_ScrollLinkedEffectDetector_h 1598
TouchActionHelper.cpp 5377
TouchActionHelper.h Helper class to figure out the allowed touch behavior for frames, as per the touch-action spec. 1471
TouchCounter.cpp 2232
TouchCounter.h mozilla_layers_TouchCounter_h 1078